Not good enough?

I bet you are! Why do we often feel that we aren’t good enough to do what we want to do?

Take on the next level in our career, start that business, go for that relationship or attend an event that seems 'beyond' our boundaries?

Well, that's it really - the boundaries we set ourselves, the self-image we have and might even portray outwardly when we don’t believe in ourselves!

I've done it. I know you have too at times. It takes time to build confidence, overcome self-esteem issues that have been with us for years since childhood often. Pushing past all of that takes time too - but we don’t always have that time to stand back and hope, to build slowly. Sometimes we just need to p-u-s-h ahead then and there!

How many regrets has holding back created for you? Mistakes we make - I have a few… too few to mention! There's a song in there that came into my head. I made one recently in not jumping at an opportunity. This coming year I will say yes then make it happen, as Richard Branson suggests we do!

Easier said than done? Well, no actually. A friend/business colleague decided to do it a couple of years ago and push her boundaries and it's worked for her. Her life improved, her opportunities grew, she attend more events and so met more people, created unexpected collaborations that make her business stronger and herself more confident.

If you are a 'toward' person you will see an opportunity and go for it. Sometimes jump in where angels fear to tread - but these are the go-getters who get what they want and need!

I am not one of those - I am an 'away' person. I see an option, step away and think about pitfalls, solutions, pros and cons and take an age to decide. I need to change that. Maybe you do too.

There is nothing more difficult than mulling over a decision for hours, days, weeks or even months! Coaching clients will have to decide if this is for them - if their needs outweigh their time, effort or budget! But in the end, some decisions should just be taken if they are within your remit and you've looked at it. Sometimes they are outside our ability to do, but not often.

So 2017 will be a yes year for me. It not like I haven't said yes before - my travel year and other risks I've taken have been worth it. But in general, I really can empathise when you can't make the choice or the decision even with the information, knowledge and understanding.

So why is that? Well, it has to do with confidence yes - or worth and value to us. Sometimes that value and worth is about how we value and see ourselves and our needs over and above other people in our lives (rarely situations or circumstances but people like family, friends, colleagues). Letting people down, not achieving the goal or the level, not being capable, not wanting to try and fail, not facing rejection and the pain that brings.

These are a few. You might have more and personal issues going on for you. If you don’t know then coaching certainly can help you find out why and what with self-awareness and personal development to overcome it.

If you do, it can help you resolve the barriers, find the motivation and get by the obstacles and 'excuses' we might put in the way. So what will you say yes to this year? Let me know!

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Oldham, Greater Manchester, OL4 5SJ
Written by Julie Crowley, MBACP | Personal Development Coach | Registered Counsellor
Oldham, Greater Manchester, OL4 5SJ

Julie Crowley is a career and life coach, supporting, motivating and encouraging people to strive towards their goals, live their dreams, love their work and live the life they are want to live. Coaching, she knows, is a very powerful tool to create the life you want and become the person you want to be because she did it too.

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