Looking ahead to 2016 - what are your goals?

Look ahead now to 2016

There are just over six weeks left of 2015. The end of a year is inevitably a time for reflection: what have we achieved, what is left to achieve, what is holding us back?

It is a cliche of course to say, "New year, new you!"  Because by the end of January, we will all be thoroughly tired of reading it on the front pages of magazines, newspapers and websites.

But, why not get ahead of it? There is no reason to put your dreams on hold for six weeks, start now!

A coaching session is often begun by asking the clients these questions:

  • What has gone well for you (since we met or spoke last)?
  • What has not gone so well?
  • What do you need support with now?

What would your answers be to these questions - for 2015?

A coach would also ask the client if there are any ongoing limiting behaviours or beliefs that may hold them back. Sometimes it's hard for you, the client, to identify these as they are your default setting! This is where a coach can help you.

Listening carefully to the language you use, it may be apparent to your coach that your limiting behaviour and beliefs centre around former negative experiences so you expect the same to happen again. We'd call this 'sabotaging'. You may be creating a barrier which exists only in your mind, not in reality.

Imagine you have a clean slate for 2016. What do you want to achieve? What has held you back this year? Maybe it's a lack of confidence, indecision, fear of failure (or even success) or a dislike of change?

These are the issues coaches work with all the time - and there are solutions.

Try this exercise to help you start planning for 2016:

  • List your great qualities and achievements. Don't be shy - make that list.
  • Aim for twenty words or phrases that describe you at your best.
  • How can you harness all these qualities to change your life for the better?
  • What is left that you may need help with?
  • How can you find that help and what is your timescale for change?

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All coaches are verified professionals

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