I’m a Moonflower you see

I believe we can all heal.


I have had the pleasure to be in service as a holistic life coach for over 12 years. Through this time, I have had many 'aha' moments, challenges and life-changing moments for myself and for my clients.

I am a true believer in the power of words and talking therapy. That said, I am also a true believer of the power of holding space for another human - to allow them to express themselves in whichever way they feel the need to at that time. 

Through my work, coming to accept the paths of some beautiful souls and my own version of soul medicine or personal development tools and techniques, I have also healed myself along the way. I believe this healing has also come through the gift of being able to be there for others too in my work and in life.

Ultimately, I do believe we can all heal, given the right safe space, love, understanding and genuine healing environment, which suits us as individuals. 

Through my work, I have had the pleasure of listening and watching my clients express themselves in many different ways. Some would use words, some tears, some silence, and some would heal through connection with the right person at the right time. Some would use creativity, some would use writing or poetry and some would use humour.

Whatever the expression, there needs to be a space for this to happen. So, if you come across someone suffering, just try to create a space so they can express themselves. You don’t need to say anything, just be patient and see what happens. 

Man writing in notebook

Eight years ago, I expressed myself in the poem written below. 

I'm a Moonflower you see

I find myself in that dark place again

Why is it I'm back here?

Have I done wrong?

It's the fourth time this year

Feelings of sadness

I criticise myself

Black mood I loath you

There seems to be no way out

Thoughts coming and staying 

In this cold and damp place

I try to chase them out

I'm not winning this race

I feel lonely and down

My mind's going round and round

Questions no answers

I keep covering this ground

The monster is back 

And it's darker than ever

Lurking in every corner of my mind

It's seeming to last forever

I seem to be lost

In my own thoughts and fears

I don’t know how

I found myself here

Life can seem really terrifying 

In the cold and the dark

I long for some peace

I start to search my own heart 

Then out of the darkness

Comes a beautiful insight

This dark place I'm in now

Will return to the light

It's a journey you see

A place to grow and to blossom

Dark can be my friend

If I blossom from the bottom

I'm a Moonflower you see

and that's how I found me

Through the dark times I transformed

Then the light I could see.

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