Creative? Not me

So hands up if you don't identify as being creative?


I wonder what makes you think that? Actually, I might put good money on it having something to do with not being able to draw, write lyrically, dance, play an instrument, sing or feel comfortable in any of the classic creative playgrounds. If that is the case, and you feel something might be missing in your life, something deeply connected to expressing emotion or ideas, please read on...

Creativity is not a choice. It’s inherent in each and every one of us. It’s what makes us human. Or more importantly, curious, empathetic and agile problem solvers. It keeps us safe in a volatile world. 

The problem is, somewhere along the evolutionary line, we were told that if creativity doesn’t lead to a ‘thing’- like being an artist, dancer, musician etc, etc, you’re not a creative person (which is essentially saying, you’re not a person). A quick missive. But a massive blow for humanity.

I might blame the Victorians for their rules on creativity, but the historians amongst you will probably correct me. It’s a conversation I’d like to have.

I will, however, blame the education system. I’ll save you from the rant, but if we ever get the chance to put creativity back on the curriculum, can we please do it better?  The system has a lot to answer for when it comes to boxing off creative thinkers. Anyone at the back of the class in art or back in the changing rooms for drama - that’s your creative lot well and truly stunted. Crap at maths too? See me.

So here’s an invitation. What if you could wipe the slate on how you define yourself or rather how you allow others to label you? How might that feel?

Come and try something with me.  The Big Picture.

The Big Picture is a one-off exploratory session featuring, The Collage Coaching Technique™ (CCT). CCT was developed by psychologist Andrea Watts, who calls out creative sectarianism and impresses on us, how vital it is to find expressions for our feelings unfettered by limiting language and labelling.

And finding a way to express those feelings is not tricky like learning to sing, dance or play the guitar. It's as simple as allowing ourselves the time to just play.

By tapping into Jung's principles - using the language of the mind (imagery) to connect to our emotions - we can dip into the unconscious to unlock and disrupt the untruths that keep us expressively mute. This isn’t an art class - you can’t do it wrong or feel embarrassed. I create a safe, non-judgmental space. As one of my clients so neatly puts it, “It’s like coming home to yourself”.

So, if you are curious about how you connect with your creativity, aka…

  • explore new ways of looking at things
  • find deeper self-awareness
  • learn to accept and work with ambiguity
  • expand your ability to recognise multiple solutions
  • feel more confident about problem solving
  • reduce aversion to risk-taking
  • make confident decisions

…Meet me in the playground.

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Brighton BN1 & London W11
Written by The Shapeshifter, Creativity and career coach. IAPC&M/ CCT /FRSA.
Brighton BN1 & London W11

Jude Arnup (aka the Shapeshifter) is an accredited coach specialising in working with creatives. She is a trained practitioner in the Collage Coaching Technique™. Jude is ICF/AC Approved.

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