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Living a life of inspiration makes each day a little party. The moment you open your eyes, you are ready to embrace life and live it to the full. Life becomes a celebration of who you are and an appreciation of your personality, but it can take an in-depth journey to arrive at your destination. When life is busy, most of us are motivated by obligation: the mortgage, the children, caring for others, making a career, etc. But there comes a time when the obligations are fulfilled and you have the freedom to make choices out of inspiration and not out of obligation.

A typical moment is when children have flown the nest, you are made redundant, have gone through a divorce, or are approaching retirement.

Having a mission statement is an exciting and helpful tool to support your decisions and inform your choices to create a fulfilling life.

A few steps need to be taken in order to be able to draft your mission statement.

Who are you?

Very often, we carry a lot of unauthentic material in us: ideas from parents or authority people, beliefs we have taken on board without questioning them, feelings of guilt and anxiety, dislike, and non-acceptance.

This material is blocking your ability to see yourself for who you really are, and only when you see yourself clearly and know the ins and outs can you get to love and accept yourself unconditionally; helping you to define your mission.

Understand how to nourish yourself

Once you know who you are, you are able to establish your needs. How do you nourish the authentic you? Is it through intellectuality, creativity, communication, physicality, spirituality, sexuality, caring, sharing, solitude, social interactions, travelling, adventures, relationships with animals, or pushing your body?

Nourishing your soul is essential for your fulfilment and happiness, and you are the only one to decide what you need and to ensure that your needs are met. You are responsible and have to take that responsibility.

Authentic, unique and personal meaning

  • Authentic self – the unique personality you are
  • Purpose – the actions you are taking, which are a nourishing expression of your authentic self
  • Meaning – how your purpose supports other people’s well-being and happiness.

Meaning relates to your role within the community. The community can be your family unit, your extended family, friends, your village or town, or a good cause that involves thousands of people. It doesn’t need to be big, but it needs to be clear and it needs to come from you.

Mission statement

This is a sentence or paragraph that encapsulates you, your needs and your ‘reason to be’. It will inform your actions in your personal life, business activities, social choices, and decisions. When you live according to your mission statement, you will have direction and meaning, and each night you can close your eyes and feel fulfilled and happy.


"I am here to learn, grow and develop myself each day and become wiser, more authentic, independent, and more true to myself in order to empower others to get to know themselves, become emotionally independent and live more true to themselves – Mariette, life coach, meditation teacher, blogger".

"I am here to learn to grow and become kinder to myself, feel safe and accept life as it is in order to be able to connect people, be a mirror to them and promote tolerance through my presence and my art – Annabel, artist".

"I am here to express my unique skills by taking up challenges that are out of my comfort zone aiming to inspire and motivate others to get out of their comfort zone – Albert, extreme sportsman".

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Written by Mariette Jansen
Weybridge KT13 & Kingston-upon-Thames KT1

Dr Mariette Jansen (Dr de-stress) is qualified and experienced psychotherapist, life coach, meditation teacher, NLP & EFT practitioner, writer and award winning blogger. Helps people to understand how they get in the way of their own happiness.
Programmes for overcoming anxiety and imposter syndrome and discovering life purpose (mission statement).

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