How to choose from all your wishes

There's a 'thing' out there that if you can peel a whole orange, keeping the peel in one piece, then you can make a wish. Now with that in mind, picture a whole orchard of orange trees. That's a whole field of wishes.


Some people can struggle to nail down what they really want, whereas some have so many wishes and wants they get stuck in place, unable to decide which to do first. If the latter is you, then this article looks to help you through the process of discerning your genuine wishes amidst the overwhelming abundance of choices.

1. Embrace the power of introspection

To navigate the field of wishes, start by embracing the power of introspection. Set aside time to connect with your inner self, away from the distractions of daily life. Find a quiet spot and consider questions like:

  • What brings you joy and fulfilment?
  • What activities make you lose track of time?
  • If you had all the resources in the world, how would you spend your days?
  • What legacy would you like to leave behind?

As you delve into these questions, you'll begin to uncover clues about your true desires. Pay attention to moments when you feel the most alive and engaged. These instances often point towards your passions and authentic aspirations.

2. Define your values

Understanding your core values is instrumental in deciding what you want in life. Your values serve as guiding principles that influence your decisions, behaviours, and priorities. Take time to identify what matters most to you:

  • Is it freedom, security, adventure, creativity, or something else?
  • What principles do you refuse to compromise on?

When your goals align with your values, you'll experience a deeper sense of purpose and satisfaction. For instance, if you value creativity, pursuing a career that stifles your artistic expression is likely to lead to dissatisfaction.

3. Uncover your passions

Passions are the driving force behind our desires. They ignite our motivation and propel us towards a fulfilling life. Explore various activities and interests to discover what truly resonates with you. Keep in mind that passions can evolve over time, so remain open to new experiences.

  • Engage in hobbies you've always been curious about.
  • Reflect on childhood interests that you may have set aside.
  • Notice activities that energise and inspire you.

By engaging in a variety of experiences, you'll uncover passions that can shape your aspirations.

4. Set meaningful goals

Once you've identified your passions, channel them into meaningful goals. Goals provide a clear direction and a sense of purpose. They help you transition from a field full of wishes to a focused path forward.

  • Make your goals SLIM (Specific, Learning Oriented, Impactful, Measurable).
  • Break down larger goals into smaller, manageable steps.
  • Regularly review and adjust your goals as circumstances change.

As you pursue your goals, you'll gain clarity about what you truly want and how to attain it.

5. Embrace growth and learning

In your quest to decide what you want, embrace growth and continuous learning. Personal development is an ongoing journey that enhances self-awareness and broadens your perspective. Seek opportunities for:

  • Skill development: Acquiring new skills opens doors to diverse experiences.
  • Self-discovery: Engage in practices like journaling or meditation to connect with your inner self.
  • Challenging comfort zones: Stepping outside your comfort zone fosters resilience and personal evolution.

As you grow, your desires may evolve as well. Embracing change is crucial to staying aligned with your authentic wishes.

6. Practice gratitude and contentment

Amidst the pursuit of desires, practising gratitude and contentment is essential. Gratitude shifts your focus from what you lack to what you already have, cultivating a positive mindset. Contentment allows you to appreciate the present moment while striving for future aspirations.

  • Maintain a gratitude journal to record daily blessings.
  • Practice mindfulness to stay present and savour life's simple pleasures.
  • Celebrate achievements along the way, no matter how small.

Balancing ambition with gratitude ensures that your pursuit of desires is rooted in a healthy perspective.

7. Seek alignment with inner and outer worlds

The pursuit of your true desires involves aligning your inner world of thoughts, feelings, and aspirations with your outer world of actions and decisions. It's not enough to wish for something; you must take tangible steps to manifest it.

  • Align your daily habits with your goals.
  • Surround yourself with people who support and inspire your aspirations.
  • Create an environment that fosters your growth and well-being.

The harmony between your inner and outer worlds propels you toward a life that authentically reflects your desires.

In the vast field of wishes that life presents, finding what you truly want requires a blend of self-discovery, introspection, and action. As you navigate this journey, remember that your desires may change over time, and that's perfectly OK. The key is to stay attuned to your evolving self and to keep fine-tuning your aspirations as you gain clarity. Contact me if need help to attune yours.

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