Going forward in harmony

The words 'personal harmony and 'a sense of self-satisfaction', conjure up so many different perspectives for us all on our journey through life. There are many different contributing factors that develop within us through the knowledge and experience we gather through our life journey,  that determines and changes our sense of self-satisfaction and realigns our harmony in our lives.


Harmony and satisfaction

A sense of harmony and satisfaction is a deep knowing, a balance and belonging; it's our connection. It’s a barometer in our decision-making process, it creates a harmonisation between what we feel and what we think, it is our very core, our spiritual self.
This inner knowing is of innate value, to recognise its worth and apply it to our life experiences is to use a powerfully wise and reliable tool.
This is that innermost knowing, that wisdom and feeling that discerns between taking a step that will lead you to ultimate fulfilment, and a sense of striving and applying a concerted effort. It can be said that this sense of fulfilment and connection is of a divine source, is a feeling of supernatural energy. It can ask us to step forward when we are not entirely certain of the outcome, however, there is a positive connection, a knowing that all will work out once we take the opportunity. Opportunities that sometimes arise from that unexpected situation, those inspiring encounters with a stranger who you instantly feel a connection with.

There may be some blank spaces, unanswered questions, accompanied by a seemingly irrational sense of peace. A good barometer of our harmony can be when something literally makes our hearts sing! Something, someone, a thought, a business idea or experience that captures our thinking and then triggers lots of energy and excitement, it grows and creates other possibilities in our thoughts and ideas.

Striving for perfection

Perfection is a very different dynamic; it seems as though there is some sort of rigidity connected to the word perfection. It is that sense when we want all the details lined up and in alphabetical order. This is determined by our thinking mind (our ego), as incredible as that mind is, it often wants rational factual evidence.

By taking watchful steps, in balance with our heart and looking into our heart for answers is what gives us a sense of real 'knowing'. Our heart is our wisest advisor. We often use terms like, "I feel it in my heart". When we can turn off the chatter of our thinking mind (ego) we are able to make space to hear from our heart.

When we are in harmony, other things tend to fall into place with little thought and effort; other connections in our mind open up to make the idea possible. What our thinking mind might see as a problem suddenly becomes something minor and insignificant, that can be easily overcome.

The power of words

The language we use can edify and reach people, striking within them notes of creativity, encouragement and confidence on their way forward. Coaching can support this fine balance, between the power of your harmony and perfection by working with your perception’s, inspiring and empowering you to examine and broaden your parameters, making space and placing you in a harmonious personal position. By using your journey, knowledge and experience, the coaching relationship can change outdated learning and assist your way forward in harmony with your inner self.
Developing this self-learning strategy in the safety of a coaching relationship, is a powerful key to life-long learning, developing transferable personal tools that are keys to our connectivity, confidence and harmony through life’s journey.

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Durham, DL17
Written by Hazel Rowell-Peverley, Life Coach HR Consultancy Mentor Supervision and Mediator
Durham, DL17

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