Getting over the fear (of career change)

There’s lots of reasons why people are scared of career change. Some valid, some not so; for example, it’s been known people get scared when they can see it’s all going to work out for the best and get everything they want. Maybe they’re finding comfort in fear, living in the state of ‘well if I don’t try I can’t fail…’

As humans we like routine. Even small changes to our routine can sometimes bring us out in a cold sweat; from change in a car parking space to a change in our lunch spot at work. So, it’s no surprise that the thought of a career change leaves people feeling completely overwhelmed and resigned into inaction, and this can go on for years. Career change takes effort, upheaval, work, focus and dedication... but it’s all for a very well worthy cause... you, your happiness, fulfillment and for those around you. So, here’s how you can start feeling more empowered and decisive to do something about your career change feelings.

The first step, like any change program is to face up to the problem. Even if that means just admitting it to yourself ‘I want and need a career change.’ Once you’ve done that you may wish to share the sentiment with those closest to you and whom you trust. This will feel like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders and will give you necessary accountability to take the next step. Small steps, tiny weeny baby steps if you must, but steps must be taken regularly and consistently in order for you to take this career change fear and shut it up!

Once you’ve done that, start getting creative. At the moment you may have absolutely no ideas of what you want to do with a future career or start up business. For now, just get any ideas out of your head and onto paper. How? Start to think about a long term (12 month) plan. Create a mind map, picture, of how you would like your life to look. For this suspend all belief and go big with your ideas and thoughts. We often over estimate what we can achieved in three years, but underestimate what we can achieve in one year. Ask yourself some important questions, ‘why are you wanting a career change?’ ‘what’s currently getting in the way?’ ‘what could you need to do in order to gain clarity?’

Once you’ve completed these small steps, what do you need to do next in order to keep giving your decision momentum?

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