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You may believe that your opportunity for success has an expiration date. Perhaps you think there is a need to put a lot of pressure on yourself and work crazy hours with no sense of healthy boundaries whatsoever so that you can later enjoy your retirement in your beautiful house or even travel the world when the kids are older and independent. But let's get one thing straight... There is no deadline for success!


You dream of a future and there is nothing wrong with that but you are living in the present. By constantly looking for the future (or even dwelling on the past), you create a disconnection between your physical reality (your body cannot live in both of those two moments) and your cognitive, spiritual and emotional reality. 

This disconnection causes intrusive thoughts that cloud your judgement and make it difficult to concentrate on the present moment. So, can you see how this turns into a vicious cycle of anxiety and overwhelm?

The solution? Get off the treadmill and stop chasing and hustling like your life depends on it. 

Your time will come and it certainly comes faster when you stop repelling it with the pressure you're putting into yourself that is only draining your energy and turning you into this resentful person that gets consumed by anxiety

I know the feeling. It gets to a point where we feel all alone and that there is no salvation possible. But life has more to it than living in overwhelm and you know it too, that's why you are reading this right now!

The key aspect here is that you might have been living your life in a way that you:

  1. Do something, like studying and working hard (at a job that sometimes you don't even enjoy) in order to...
  2. Have more money that can buy a comfortable life even with a certain degree of luxury so that you can...
  3. Be someone who can please your family that pushed your life in a certain direction or put out this image of you as someone who 'has it all together'.

At the end of the day, you're drained and frustrated and it's difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel, right?

How about you reverse the order of things and start by:

  1. Being your authentic self, releasing old patterns and healing past traumas to uncover your true identity to help you...
  2. Do the things that are in alignment with your design and that light you up so that you can...
  3. Have a fulfilling life where you have the coping mechanisms to deal with overwhelm, resistance and anxiety to inevitably live a more peaceful lifestyle

Sounds great, right? And it is so simple, it only takes courage and awareness.

Courage is nothing less than feeling the fear and taking action anyway, allowing yourself to surrender to listening to your intuition; a voice or a gut feeling that so beautifully communicates with you all the time!

Remember this: when life gets overwhelming, simply take a few deep breaths in and ask yourself "How can I live by the mindset of 'be, do, have' in this moment?" and wait for an answer from your unconscious mind - you may be surprised! 

You can also do this by trying out a guided meditation and nurturing the relationship between mind, body and soul.

You can try my free guided meditation available on my profile. Or, for more in-depth guidance, I offer a free initial call to assess your inner peace levels and get you an action plan to reduce the overwhelm in your life. Book yours now!

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All coaches are verified professionals