Creating the gallery of your life

Imagine creating a gallery filled with images of joy, happiness and love... why? Well, I kind of see life a bit like an art gallery.

You have to think of how you want your life to look, be and feel, like you’re creating your very own art gallery.

It’s about purposely bringing in things, feelings, people, relationships, projects, purposes that light you up and inspire you. You wouldn’t choose art that makes you feel bad when you look at it or experience it. So, why would your life be any different?

Some of the pieces might depict the heartbreak, the sadness, the struggle, the pain or the loss…yes? And that’s OK! It’s great!

Because it’s part of you, part of your journey, part of your learning and to be embraced.

It’s made you who you are and you should be proud of that piece to be hanging in your gallery.

But really, importantly, you do not want your gallery to keep you stuck in the limitations of the past... that isn’t you! Acknowledge the piece as part of the wider tapestry of your life, neither defining you nor invalidating you, just simply being. 

You want your gallery to breathe life, fun, happiness, fulfilment, fun, peace, excitement, romance, creativity, freedom, love and extreme outrageous joy

You want it to breathe who are you becoming. Who you are at your core, your authentic self, not you as the creation of structures, groups or society but you as a free spirit creating your life as a unique expression of your body, mind, soul and dreams! 

You want it to breathe stability, comfort and safety without the need of looking to others or ‘things’ to create that for you.

You want it to breathe your quirks, desires, eccentricities, loves, passions. 

Every piece of you.

Take a moment to think about your gallery:

  • What do you see? 
  • Are there masterpieces on the wall? Or just a lot of unfinished pictures?
  • What quotations do you see in the frames?
  • What images, people, photographs, memorabilia, colours and places adorn your gallery? 

Keep painting... keep those still images in the lens of your mind, even as you move through changes and love the masterpiece that is your life.

"Every human is an artist. The dream of your life is to make beautiful art." Miguel Ruiz 

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Belfast BT9 & Dungannon BT71
Written by Denise McNally, BSc Hons, GMBPsS, MAC
Belfast BT9 & Dungannon BT71

Denise McNally, BSc (hons), MAC, Mbpss

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