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I wonder where you are reading this right now? Maybe at home, in the office or on some form of public transport. Life has changed so much.

At one time the telephone was the only way of communicating other than using the mail or telegraph. How far we’ve come from those days. It's almost linked in with the gas mantle. Electricity changed all that and advances in technology made further developments. Now we are in a place of superhighways and the world is so different and much ‘smaller’ as communications are fast and easy. Time is of a premium for everyone and any ways that can ease life are welcomed with open arms.

The old wired telephone meant that people could only receive calls in one area or may be two if there was an extension in the property. Digital phones altered all of that.

Now people can have numerous phones around the home and some can even be used in the garden. However it is the creation of mobile networks and the day of the iPhone, Blackberry and other devices, that have made communication by telephone even easier.

It is very useful to be able to work with a coach over the phone and have the meetings set up in advance to suit both parties, can be as laser-like or leisurely as you like depending on your style, needs and time.

So if you need to be coached on the train, on the bus or even in your lunch break from work, it all works well. All you have to remember is to ensure you have plenty of battery charge.

A huge amount of coaching is done over the phone either instead of face to face or in addition. People can select the appropriate coach for them to ensure they are getting what they specifically need. Each coach is different and has their own style, specialisms and way of working.

If you haven’t thought about how useful and practical it is, now could be the time to give it a go.
To sum up the chief benefits are:

  • a global selection of coaches
  • a coach suited to your needs may not necessarily in your area
  • no travelling
  • good time management
  • convenient
  • relaxing
  • the venue is your choice
  • your paperwork and anything else you need can be with you
  • more economic due to it being an integral part of your days activities
  • focused.

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All coaches are verified professionals

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