Caterpillar to butterfly - Finding your wings

In today’s ever-demanding world, increasingly more people are exploring life coaching as a form of professional support to help them move forward in a positive way.

There has been a marked shift over recent years in terms of client needs and requests. Whilst some clients come to coaching for help and support with specific goals, desires or outcomes which they can’t quite manage on their own, many more come overwhelmed without knowing how to move forward.  Words frequently used to describe current circumstances include ‘being lost’, ‘feeling  stuck’, ‘trapped’, ‘in a rut’ or ‘going round in circles’. 

The former still remains a key part of coaching however often as a subsequent stage after some ‘unravelling’ has been done.

Think of a large ball of wool, haphazardly wound with no sense or order or control, tidiness or usability. In coaching, ‘unravelling’ is in the sense of firstly untangling and understanding the aspects of life which overwhelm us; having some clarity on areas of distress or dissatisfaction. Often we also need to understand our strengths, situation, desires and focus as a second stage. This gives a sense of calm and order to then feel ready to think about the future; decisions, desires, outcomes, actions and goals.

Feeling in control is the foundation of empowered next steps to create the life we love and deserve. Life coaching applauds and absolutely supports that.

So, if you’re feeling more caterpillar, trapped in your cocoon, than butterfly, free to go where you please, life coaching can help you find your wings. Go on, try it - an exciting transformation lies ahead.

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