Carving out capacity for you

See if you can relate to any of the below...

  • You have in your mind, or written in a journal somewhere, a few things you would (in an ideal world) love to do for yourself, if only you had the time.
  • You can feel how much these things could help you to grow and create change in your life and you so dearly wish you had time to do them. But you are at capacity with life already, so they don't happen. 
  • All the other things you are doing feel so important, right!? Like, they are non-negotiable. There is no way you can just stop doing the other things, so you just sort of accept that there isn't time for that life-changing, transformative other stuff.

Does this sound familiar? 

So you keep going, working your way through your massive to-do list, feeling at (or over) capacity with it all. But what if the most important thing for you to do is that transformative stuff?!

What if the most important thing is finding your way to the you that is on the other side of the belief that you don't have the time. 

Here's a vital piece of information that you may not have considered:

What if there is a part of you that is scared of what it might be like to make those changes so that part of you speaks very loudly about the importance of the other things? Making them appear non-negotiable so that you won't stick your neck out and step into that glorious, but scary, version of you that you've not yet seen...


You see, we have all learnt habitual ways of thinking that are designed to keep us safe.  Often there is a protective part running the show that is still carrying wounds of not feeling good enough from the past and has no idea how incredibly resourceful and resilient adult-you actually is.

To get to the other side, we have to go through. We have to meet this protective part of us. Sit with some uncomfortable feelings, the stress about being on top of everything, the procrastination, the self-doubt and get to the root of the habitual patterns of behaviour. Only then is sustainable change possible.

It is so easy to create a list of really important things that we ought to be doing, which we give priority over finding our way to this version of ourselves, because that is the path of least resistance.

It feels so believable to accept that we just don't have time to do that work because we are too busy doing X. But hang on, what if we knew that X was made much easier by finding our way to that version our ourselves? Wouldn't spending that time make sense suddenly?

From that position, we would find it so much easier to:

  • do our work
  • create better relationships
  • be better parents
  • have better creative ideas for our businesses
  • improve our health
  • be happier with ourselves
  • improve the things we'd like to change about the world
  • feel like we are on-top of life (or at least feel more at peace with how we are doing)
  • earn more money

Or whatever X important thing is for you!

And don't you deserve to put yourself high enough on your priority list to find the time for this?

Taking this step may feel nerve-wracking, which is why I would encourage you to seek the support of an excellent coach to be with you on this journey. To help you to question the beliefs you have in place that are so firmly rooted, that you might not be able to see the wriggle room for yourself. 

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Benfleet, Essex, SS7
Written by Vicky Kelly, Life Coach and Business Coach
Benfleet, Essex, SS7

Vicky Kelly is a Life & Business Coach, who gets joy from helping ambitious but slightly overwhelmed people achieve what they are capable of, in a way that is both comfortable and sustainable for them.

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