Avoid future regrets with three simple steps

Most people have a list of goals and aspirations that they would like to achieve. Some people write them down, others just keep them stored in their mind. 

Some goals are huge, like becoming CEO of a multi-billion pound company whilst others are much smaller, such as losing a few pounds. 

Having goals is not uncommon but people actually achieving their goals can be because so many of us sabotage our dreams on a daily basis, completely unaware that we are doing so.

Often, our list of aspirations grows yet not much gets accomplished. Despite saying our goals are important and maybe even making some progress, some of us lack the commitment to actually see them through to fruition. 

Fear, as well as a lack of time, money or knowledge, are all excuses that many of us give to justify not achieving our dreams. However, excuses are just that. The truth is that we lack integrity. We don't do what we say we will and even if we do, we're inconsistent.

This is because many people only do what they say they will when they feel like it. But feelings are temporary and can change at any time so when you are working towards something, it does not work to do only what you feel like doing.

Generally, when we skip a small action or task we don't think it will have a huge impact. However, when compounded over time, those small actions can become some of our biggest regrets.

Here are 3 simple steps that if followed every day, could help you avoid future disappointment:

1. Write down your daily tasks

Every night before you go to bed or each morning before you start your day, write down the tasks you need to take to move you towards your goals.

2. Do what you said you will do

If you wrote down that you will write a chapter of your book, write a chapter of your book. Nothing more, nothing less, until all your other tasks for the day are complete. If you do more, that eats into the time you allocated to completing something else.

3. Do complete work

If you said you will work out on Monday, work out on Monday. However, if you're not feeling like going to the gym, but you go anyway, give it your all.

If you follow the three steps above you are certain to make progress. You should become more productive and have a real sense of achievement at the end of each day.

Over time, you should also find it easier to put boundaries in place and say no to others because you are focused and clear about what you are committed to.

Where in your life can you see that putting off the small everyday tasks could lead to huge regret in the future?

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