Aubergines or cucumbers

My friend Robert, who lives in Lincolnshire and with whom I correspond via email, is a keen vegetable gardener in his small back garden. Amongst all the home produce he grows, he excels with aubergines. I also attempt to grow home produce. I excel most of all with cucumbers and tomatoes in my greenhouse. Robert does not have a greenhouse so his produce is all grown outside.

His aubergines have already produced two large fruits - mine are still in flower. When my plants produce fruit, they are never as large as Robert's. He never fails to let me know how much they weigh.

Why are his aubergines so large, you might ask? Well, he buys a grafted plant and I grow mine from seed. His grafted plant, which he buys in April, is already well ahead of my seeds which I plant in March, along with my cucumbers and tomatoes.

This little aubergine ‘one-upmanship’ has been going on for over three years now, and I have come to the conclusion that unless I do as he does, I may never be able to achieve the same success. However, as he does not have a greenhouse, he may never achieve the same success as I do with cucumbers.

The moral of the story is for you to:

  • Know where your strengths and abilities lie, and work on them.
  • Aspire to others’ successes, learn how they do it and make your own plans.
  • Make plans to achieve rather than wait and see what happens.
  • Aim for success, whatever it takes.
  • Follow the successes of others and note how they achieve.
  • A little bit of 'one-upmanship' is not a bad thing.

You never know, you might end up with an even larger abundance of aubergines than Robert. That will make him think!

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