Are you intrigued to know your personality profile?

I know I certainly was! Understanding who you really are and what makes you tick will open up a whole new dimension of self-awareness.


We all have different preferences in terms of how we prefer to communicate with others and how we prefer others to communicate and interact with us. Some of us are more people-focused, whilst some are more task-focused. Some individuals are more outgoing, whilst others are naturally more reserved. And, whilst some will prefer to focus on the detail and cover all bases, others will be drawn to the bigger picture.

DISC profiling

DISC profiling has emerged as the personality profiling tool of choice within the coaching sector. The DISC model of behaviour was developed in 1928 by Dr William Moulton Marston, a physiological psychologist, (who also contributed to the first polygraph test) in his book Emotions of Normal People.

He explained that people expressed their emotions using four behaviour types:

D – D style personalities are task-focused and they are natural leaders. They are very driven, outgoing and competitive and they will enjoy challenging themselves. Celebrities with a high D style personality are Donald Trump and Cristiano Ronaldo.

I – I style individuals love people. They are excellent communicators and they will prefer to move through life in the fast lane. They are optimistic and enthusiastic and they are an innovative problem solver. I style public figures are Richard Branson and Oprah Winfrey.

S – S styles are very people orientated. They are both steady and reliable and they are supportive of others. They are conscientious and empathetic and they are very approachable. Princess Diana and Michelle Obama are both examples of S style personalities.

C – C style personalities prefer to focus on detail. They are very organised and methodical and they desire high quality and accuracy. They are also creative and loyal. Influential C style figures are Bill Gates and Her Majesty The Queen.

It is important to note, that although some individuals may have one dominant style, many people have a combination of traits and they can all vary in intensity. DISC personality reporting is a computerised assessment, which is both valid and reliable.

Naturally, we change when we’re in a work environment or when we’re feeling under pressure and DISC profiling has the added advantage of delving deeper into these situations. Unlike other profiling tools, it looks at how we are adapting to the environment around us.

Understanding not only yourself but also those around you, whether that’s your family or perhaps your work colleagues, can have huge benefits.

DISC is an excellent tool for highlighting your strengths and areas of development, enhancing communication, reducing conflict, maximising your productivity and improving your overall motivation and morale!

I would be very happy to DISC profile you! Take that step towards greater self-awareness. If you would like to grow and develop in your personal and work relationships and enhance your career then DISC is a vital first step. Please get in touch for further information on DISC profiling and how it can help you.

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Oxshott, Surrey, KT22 0QB
Written by Rita Chowdhry
Oxshott, Surrey, KT22 0QB

I am an award-winning coach with 35 years of experience in coaching, learning and development.

I have a Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching and am an advanced behavioural consultant and a corporate DISC trainer for psychometric profiling.

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