After the Twins have Separated!

After the twins have separated!

Have you experienced breast cancer, the ultimate mastectomy and follow up treatment? 

What sort of effect has it had on you?

Did the surviving twin feel lonely?

Did you feel mutilated?

Were you able to cope?

To find yourself in this predicament and to have the diagnosis confirmed is quite devastating for anyone to deal with especially a lady who prides herself on the way she looks and the thought that it might be the start of a long drawn out illness. Receiving this news can do two things to a person:

  • Make you think life is over and succumb to it
  • Make you say, ‘It’s not going to beat me, I’ll fight it’

I believe it is better to fight it because continually feeling sorry for oneself does not help as it drags you further down into self pity. It has been proved that a positive state of mind, keeping busy, having a good diet and plenty of exercise, can help you through these difficult times.  It is a good idea to seek help and support from organisations which have a direct interest in these situations. 

You also have to think of those around you. Help them to help you and this can only be done by a positive attitude. Keep being interested in others. Don’t let yourself go; keep yourself looking good because it will make you feel good.

How do you start to move on?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Why am I frightened?
  • Has my medical team given me enough information?
  • What is stopping me from moving on?
  • Am I able to focus on new opportunities and take a fresh look at life?
  • Am I changing my life for the better?
  • Am I doing enough to enjoy myself?
  • Is there light at the end of the tunnel?

If the answer is that you are not sure which way to go then you need to start the route to positive thinking with the help of someone who can guide you down that route because you CAN have a great life after the twins have separated. A life coach can help you along the way as all is not lost. Unless you tell the whole world, no-one will know that you are any different to anyone - else except that you will feel more fulfilled. Your positive attitude will be a great inspiration to those around you. I personally can vouch for it as I have travelled this road.

So, get started on the NEW YOU.  Your surviving twin deserves it!

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