Richard Valiant (previously Richard Jones) - the introvert's career coach

Richard Valiant (previously Richard Jones) - the introvert's career coach

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07971 165282

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St Pancras


07971 165282

About me

I work with introverted individuals one-to-one and through my group programmes to help them to become more influential, fulfilled and successful in their careers. Typically, through working with me, clients have achieved long overdue promotions, switched careers to something more suited to their personalities or achieved greater confidence and influence in their existing roles.

Here is an example of one client's experience of working with me.

"When I was searching for a career coach, I wanted to find someone who would help me discover more about myself and most of all increase my confidence.

My goal when I started working with Richard was to reduce the self-doubts that I was dealing with on a daily basis that limited my performance and my impact. I knew inside that I had potential and I was no less talented than my colleagues/managers but I just couldn't show it.

Working with Richard, I discovered how I was keeping myself small. Through using a range of techniques, I saw a marked improvement in my confidence and how I was having a more positive influence on those around me.

I also discovered my unique talents and strengths which gave me the confidence to be strong, express my opinions and believe in myself. I continue to benefit from this on a daily basis.

A few weeks after we finished working together, I had a job interview in which I was truly a confident person and I even discussed a few of my values that I used as strengths during the interview and that resulted in getting a job offer.

In general I have now a better approach to how I interact with people, both in and out of work. I feel more confident, which in turn helps me to keep improving my performance.

Throughout our sessions, Richard was supportive and understanding, listening to whatever I wanted to discuss, from a dispute with a colleague to the sad news that I didn't get a promotion. I really enjoyed our work, since he was honest, believed in me and made me see many things in a different way." Maria K

Training, qualifications & experience

I am trained by the internationally acclaimed Coaches' Training Institute as a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach. I am also trained in the Firework career coaching model to assist individuals who are looking to make a transition between careers or from employment to self-employment.

Other areas of coaching I deal with

Presentation skills coaching
Management skills coaching

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If you are interested in working with me one-to-one, I offer a free initial one hour consultation by telephone which will help you to get crystal clear about where you are now and where you want to be in the future. I’ll also share some powerful secrets, strategies and information that will support you on your journey. This is also an opportunity for us to test the chemistry between us to determine whether we would like to continue working together.

My coaching programmes can be tailored to your individual circumstances and so prices vary. As an example, however, an individual working with me for 12 sessions over 6 months would pay £1,500.

Further information

Right now I feel blessed to have this calling and to lead by example through blogging, public speaking, running workshops and performing music gigs in front of hundreds of people. But I didn’t always have the confidence to stand in the spotlight and have my voice be heard.

In fact, around the time I started school, I was painfully shy. I can still remember a short period in primary school when I only felt comfortable communicating with my teacher by whispering into her ear.

As I grew up, I gained in confidence but by the time I reached secondary school, I was still a relatively quiet and sensitive soul. Unfortunately, this led to me being the victim of bullying from some of the other kids in my year. I can still remember the teasing, taunting and physical abuse I experienced and how it made me want to run away and hide in the shadows.

As I developed into a young adult, these painful memories receded into the background of my mind but a fear of ridicule and embarrassment remained which made it painful for me to put myself in the spotlight or stand up for my needs.

So, when I landed my first graduate level job in the Accountancy profession I found that, whilst I was doing brilliant work, completing projects in record time and to the highest quality, I never seemed to get the recognition I felt I deserved for my efforts. And that meant that I was constantly being overlooked for promotions whilst others who had once been my contemporaries and juniors were racing ahead of me. I entered into a viscous circle as the more I got left behind, the less confident I felt and, at the same time, the less confidence I was able to demonstrate, the more likely it was that I would be looked over for promotion.

But then in 2001, I realised that I needed to take action and find a new focus for my career that built on my passions and strengths and allowed me to sell myself on my own terms. So, I began to get involved in training and development work and found a real calling for developing and supporting others through the early stages of their careers.

Finding a focus for my work that I cared deeply and passionately about helped me to gain more energy, enthusiasm and strength to push myself out of my comfort zone. And as result of putting myself out there, my career progression soared because I became much more visible and was finally recognised for the unique and powerful contribution I was making to the organisation I worked for. And, what’s more, I found that I actually enjoyed and was very good at presenting and public speaking, which had previously been way outside my comfort zone.

For the next 14 years, I continued to make regular advances in my career using the tools and processes I had learned back in 2001. And then, in 2015, I set up my own independent coaching practice dedicated to helping other introverts to gain the visibility they need to lead fulfilling and successful careers by tapping into their innate strengths and passions.

Like all business owners, I have my ups and downs, but the satisfaction I get from working with my wonderful clients never diminishes. I feel priviliged to be able to enhance the careers of many people and it all began with just one shift in focus that changed the course of my career forever.

St Pancras, NW1
Bromley, BR2

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