How to start a more mindful life

Start implementing these steps to gain the benefits of leading a more mindful life.

How to start a more mindful life

1. Try mindfulness therapy

To be mindful you need to learn how to live in the moment and pay attention to everything you experience. There are a number of different exercises you can try to control your mind and feelings. The most popular mindfulness therapy classes you can join include meditation and yoga. Try to attend a beginner class in either to see how it’s done.

2. Enjoy your meals more with the practice of mindful eating

To really enjoy your food, mindful eating is the way forward. Eat more slowly – think about the smell, texture and taste. After a while you will find that you have developed a healthier relationship with food, and it will be clearer to understand what you are putting in your body and why.

3. Exercising can relax your mind

Exercise is great for many things, including relaxing your mind. Whether you like to take a gentle stroll on your lunch break or hit the gym hard, exercise can help reduce tiredness and anxiety, help you sleep better and lift your mood. If you’ve had a tough day at work, exercising is a great thing to do to help relax your mind.

4. Teach yourself to live in the now

Try to take some time to sit down and enjoy your senses. This can help you adjust your understanding of the things going on around you. Try to tap into what you can smell, taste, touch and hear. If you start doing this on a regular basis, you will become more aware of your feelings and thoughts as they occur.

5. Try a digital detox

Our culture has developed into one which is surrounded by technology. It can be very distracting – so much so that you miss things that are going on around you. After work, turn off your work phone. If you need to check it, create a schedule rather than staring at it all evening. Limit these interactions with technology to 10 minutes a day. This can help you enjoy simple experiences without worrying about work-related tasks.

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Written by Ross East

Written by Ross East

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