How to truly shine as an introvert

In our day and age, where extroversion seems to be admired, it can be hard for introverts get lost in their own thoughts and recharge. Here are three tips for introverts to shine:

How to truly shine as an introvert

Learn to understand yourself

We humans all strive for happiness. Yet society often associates happiness with huge amounts of exuberance and joy. Introverts don’t necessarily need this to be happy. Sometimes happiness can be found through moments of transcendence, where we focus so much on what we are doing we get lost in our own mental zone. Other ways introverts experience happiness is by helping others – particularly through tough times.

Try to recharge as often as possible

Introverts tend to feel energetic and alive in quiet environments due to their nervous systems reacting to relaxing stimuli. Because of this, they often need to recharge their batteries. Yet quiet time rarely means it’s time to relax, as their minds are often busy with thoughts and reflection of past and future events, among many other things. This can become very exhausting, fast. Try to give your brain a real rest – empty your mind and look up to the sky.

Find your balance

Introverts don’t hate socialising, they simply don’t need to do it as much as an extrovert. Each person has their own threshold, so find what yours is and stick to it. If you go overboard, just remember that you can retreat to a quiet corner to reflect on what’s happening. Understand that there are other ways to be social other than converting yourself into a party animal. Conversations in a coffee shop with a good friend, skype talks and even social media are great ways to connect with people.

It can be difficult to thrive as an introvert, but one of the best ways to start is to accept who you are. You can then start building from there!

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Written by Ross East

Written by Ross East

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