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Since June I’ve been working closely with Sian as my life/mindset coach.

I haven’t once looked back. Before working with Sian, I felt unmotivated and short and anxious about a few areas of my life. I wanted to take a practical, forward-thinking approach which would give me a new structure to my life and permanent change.

Sian now knows more than anyone about every aspect of my life… And by the way, I’m totally comfortable with that! Lovely Sian has an incredible approach to the work she does. In each phone call we have lots of laughs and put in place practical things to work on over the next week. Sian has helped me unpack and deal with past emotions and grief, and to put in place healthy boundaries.

I can be true to myself and I’m enjoying adding new elements to my life that I never thought I would! After just 8 weeks, I feel so much more content, relaxed and excited about what's to come, I only have Sian thanks for that.

I still have work I want to do, but I’m genuinely so chuffed with what the process has given me. I wish others knew how valuable it can be! Sian, I’m incredibly grateful for the advice and guidance you have given me so far, and I’m so looking forward to the next few months of progress.

If you need structure, good boundaries and an understanding of how to be the most authentic and best version you can be, seriously look no further!

P.S. Just off to do my journaling!

- Hele, 25 years old.

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All coaches are verified professionals