"You've never done that before!"

Doing things differently now and again can be a bit daring and quite exciting. Most of us are creatures of habit with a routine, or some kind of ritual; it’s very comfortable but also very boring and destructive at times. Just for the record I’m very much a creature of habit and a bit of a control freak too, the difference is I know and consciously adjust to compensate.

What about you, do you do the same thing day in and day out? Or are you one of the lucky ones being able to inject some interest and variety into your life. I say lucky but really it’s a matter of choice, a bit of effort and a desire to live a more interesting life.

So do something different, but what? Well let’s see, it could be something simple such as getting up or going to bed at a different time. If you don’t go out much, how about going to the cinema for a change, treat yourself to a meal or visit a local place of interest. If you go out a lot stay in for a change, or go somewhere completely different, or on a different day or time. It doesn’t matter how big or small, what does matter is that it’s a change from what you usually do, or when.

All of this is good and healthy but going to bed early tonight is hardly life changing, but then again it is really, or at least it can be because even the smallest of changes will have a knock on affect somewhere. There are some things that you wouldn’t or shouldn’t change because they work in a sensible way so you’re looking for different not difficult. Mind you on the point of difficulty, it’s good to step outside of your comfort zone and challenge yourself now and again. If you want to make big lifestyle changes that’s the next step on and about making plans, setting goals and having a vision to achieve, now that is, life changing!.

However for this exercise small changes will make a difference too and several small changes will get noticed, for you it makes you think more about what you do, how you do something and why you do it. It really can bring another dimension to your life; it turns dull and boring into more interesting and daily drudge into something more productive.

Others will notice and at first probably think that you’ve gone mad and lost the plot, you’ll get comments like, “ you’ve never done that before,” or  “you look different,” “what do you mean you’re out tonight,” “ you’re doing what”? Don’t forget it’s your life and any changes you make, big or small, one or lots, it’s your choice and suddenly dull and boring has turned into mysterious and interesting.

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