Your truth: The bridge from fear to freedom

The people

The husband of 12 years, father of two, who feared what he described as a disease growing in the back of his mind, would ruin the lives of everyone he loved.

The guy who knew he had to start his business which involved helping people live better lives through exercise, but feared he didn’t have the credentials.

The cancer survivor who feared her deeply felt determination to live an unlimited life, may never be shared by her partner and lead to separation.

These are not the ‘surprising’ stories behind famous successful people, but people like you and I.

Crossing the bridge

All of these people had a fear deep in their hearts and even had logical arguments as to why the fears may be rational and valid. But in each situation, when they accepted their truth and decided to face up to their fears of living in a way which was authentic, the results were simply liberating.

No one’s world ended. The initial pain and hurt when they shared their truth was at times intense. They each felt confused and at times lonely and isolated.

But as they each began to feel the new sense of freedom, with it came courage. Rather than minimising the damage the truth could do, they found a way to be authentic, to reassess their lives and explore what life had to offer them now.

The all found freedom

Freedom to admit they were gay, but their love and dedication remained for their children and also for their soon to be ex wife, just in a new form which would see them stay friends.

Freedom to pursue their passion and to focus on the purpose of helping others transform their lives, as their motivation to find a way to get their business of the ground.

Freedom to take the fear of death and transform it into an infectious zest for living fully. A determination which transformed the lives of their partner and child who benefitted from designing a life with a renewed sense of passion.

My question to you is:

  • What truth are you holding onto which if acted on, could in spite of fear, help you to live authentically and possibly help others around you, including those you care about?

Take your truth and cross the bridge from fear to freedom.

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