Your subconscious can influence your sales success and life

When I first started in sales, I was 11 years old, selling Olympic candles door to door. A great initiation for a kid in the world of business and to also start learning about human nature - including door slamming (haha) and hearing the word, no (a lot).


It was a lot of fun then and luckily things have evolved since those days. Specifically, fewer people selling door to door and even less so on the phone. Today sales take place primarily through in-person appointments, email and web marketing (eg. social media platforms).

Obviously, rejection is a major part of being in sales and you have to embrace it and be thick-skinned enough to understand that it is not about you as a person.

It does include many (conscious) parts such as the specific product or service, competition, approach, presentation, goals/targets, scheduling, visibility, promotion, system, one’s manner over the phone, email etc. and to what extent your client needs or wants, what you are selling.

Peak performance coach and owner of over 100+ businesses, Tony Robbins, states that “Success in life is 80% psychology and 20% mechanics — what you do doesn’t matter if you aren’t in the right mindset.”

One thing that has not changed, and I suppose never will for us humans, is the fact that we have an ego – an identity that we guard and protect as being so precious of who we are. It takes a lot of humility and self-compassion and to quote Kobe Bryant, “You have to get over yourself.”

Many of us, including myself for a long time, live as if our ego or identity was omnipotent, of supreme importance and the way forward to succeed in life – completely disregarding our subconscious and living solely through the will and conscious mind.

As a result, it has taken me years, “to get over myself” so I can allow myself to make mistakes and fail. Why? I saw the harmful effects of wanting and needing to be right and what it did to myself, my relationships and my outcomes in life.

Let me make it clear that there is a difference between failure and failing. Failure is giving up and failing is not getting it right in that time (in that moment).

If you look at life on Earth as a learning journey, then you can change how you view yourself, instead of pursuing the perfect you. There are no perfect human beings; as they would not be human.

You are meant to grow and learn, fall down, pick yourself up and dust yourself off and try again. Think of it as a universal law for you to live by (and if you don’t, it will be to your detriment and peril).

There are also some other disempowering subconscious thoughts and beliefs, that you could have picked up from your early years, parents, peers, loved ones and the media (including television and today’s social media platforms) that could have potentially retriggered in later life, especially in a demanding position like sales.

Those subconscious feelings can include rejection, abandonment, not being good enough, not worthy, not deserving, not being considered or other trauma, including unconscious trapped emotions.

This can lead you to feel and be in a massively disempowering position, creating an initial imprint to the point of becoming embedded as a long-term memory (and a physical neuronal existence) in your subconscious, and ultimately becoming your present reality. Not because it is that way; only because you believe it to be that way.

You are then ‘stuck’ with a belief, that is harmful and detrimental to your well-being and your loved ones.

A sales role or a similarly related role or environment can definitely bring out those feelings to the forefront and challenge you, to confront them (or not).

The above feelings can also take a massive emotional toll and affect who you are in your life, including a negative impact on your sales income and ultimately, your livelihood; that can and has led many people to addiction, divorce and suicide.

Why? Because, it impacted their identity and who they are expected to be in life, set by themselves, their parents, their partners and/or society as a whole.

As a reaction, many in sales, decide to ‘push’ harder, longer and become more insistent on driving increased sales (with minimal, short-term results). This can lead to massive pressure applied to prospects, who then feel the neediness or desperation, especially through your tone of voice and especially over the phone or in person (that would then include your body language showing signs of desperation).

Energetically, as human beings, we are electrical and magnetic beings and this inward feeling and outward behaviour is lack, emptiness and what you don’t have. Hence, what is then expressed, is what we really need or desperately want (and don’t possess), and it is similar to a repellent that only turns people off and further pushes the prospect away. This of course has the exact opposite effect of what you actually wish for at that sales meeting or presentation.

As an alternative approach and similar to the adage, “What you resist, persists.”, you have to accept where you are now. Let go of what you don’t have, be grateful, appreciative, have faith (believing, when you don’t actually see the outcomes/results) and build from that point forward.

As a result, it may be time to re-evaluate your inside world: your subconscious.

Remember, the subconscious being 95% of your mind, in terms of your habits, beliefs and how your mind and body function together (not separately).

You can only attract what you are on the inside (not what you are not on the inside). This is not easy to do and become. To start the process, it takes faith, respect and love for oneself.

As Martin Luther King Jr, stated, “You don’t have to see the whole staircase, you just have to take the first step.”

So imagine, what your life would look like once you let go of those overbearing subconscious beliefs and live your life - with freedom and fulfilment - for you and your loved ones.

You can now take, the first step, through this offer of a 20-minute complimentary discovery call, on my profile.

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