Work through emptiness

Do you feel empty for no reason?
Do you strive to achieve things, but once you have them you lose interest?
Do you wish to feel happier, fuller and less preocupied?

  • Stop looking externally in order to achieve a fuller sense of being. Your happiness lies within you!
  • Quit on the external factors and feel what it is like without having them.
  • Stay with the emptiness and feel it.
  • Reflect on yourself, clear your body and mind from past behaviour.
  • Achieve a greater sense of well-being by having faced your feeling of emptiness.
  • Fill your body and mind with your own presence.
  • Reconstruct yourself by evaluating and questioning what your external environment should look like in order to support your internal happiness.

Most importantly, don't be afraid of loneliness. Face the feeling of emptiness rather then escaping it. Love yourself and your own presence!

Useful meditations:

Sit comfortably and start breathing from the diaphragm. On your inhale, imagine that you are taking in all the positive, golden light in the room. On your exhale imagine that you are breathing out all the negativity in your body which would be in black colour. Do this excercise for at least six breaths.

Remember a time in which you felt fully satisfied and proud with your achievements. Close your eyes and feel the experience. Fill your body and soul with this positivity and fullness! Feel proud, confident and full. Feel happy!

Do this few times a day when you detect feeling empty. See the shift! 

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