Whoever said Goal Setting was easy?!?

So you sit there on Sunday night, determined that this week will be better than least week. You have all good intentions for the week ahead, you'll get that report done by Thursday, you'll go to the gym at last twice, you'll avoid take aways...well at least until Saturday night anyway.

Monday it's going well, you've made a start.
Tuesday it's still ok but you're losing that momentum that you had and this report writing is boring.
Wednesday you realise you still haven't been to the gym yet but you'll definitely go tomorrow.
Thursday, you've nearly finished the report, that still counts right? But you forgot that the team are going out to celebrate a birthday, so much for the gym and avoiding unhealthy foods.
Friday you feel utterly disappointed but at least it's the weekend, you'll start again on Monday.

This is a familiar story for a lot over people, life gets in the way, you become demotivated, this is exactly when you need a Life Coach.

A coach can help you to prioritise your goals, make them specific, measurable, help you to create reasonable timescales to achieve them and get you back on track when you feel that you are finding things difficult.

Goals are about bringing balance to your life as well as achieving things. It's important to remember that in order to stay motivated to change, you need to remind yourself of how well you are doing along the way and ticking off smaller aims towards your larger goals will really help with that.

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All coaches are verified professionals