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I woke up this morning with the sunshine streaming through my window. It looked like it was inviting me out, so wrapping up I ventured out into the frosty sunny morning. It was lovely walking through the park, which was really quiet apart from the early morning dog walkers. While walking it occurred to me that for all the personal development books, workshops etc that are available to us that nature surrounds us and she is such a wise teacher and we have much to learn from her…

The leaves on the trees are changing colour and dropping off – the trees don’t cling on to their leaves the way that we often cling onto possessions, situations and people because we are too afraid to let go, of what might happen. The trees rest easy in the knowledge that seasons ebb and flow, that part of the process is letting go, resting for a while and then giving birth to new leaves when the time is right. They don’t rush it, they just flow with the process and in doing so they keep growing. How often do we fight against what is and create resistance that keeps us trapped where we don’t want to be making ourselves miserable?

Nature, the universe and every creature in the universe trusts in abundance that flows unendingly through the universe… It is only us humans that question this abundance and worry about lack and limitations… As Henry Ford famously said, 'Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you are probably right.’ Simple, yet powerful words. It’s so true we get to choose the experiences we have by deciding the lens that we look at them through. It is this that helps us create the experience and these experiences create our life.

Just like the sunshine made everything look sparkly and beautiful... Do you see your life through the lens of optimism or pessimism, fear or enthusiasm, abundance or lack – Are you consciously choosing or just allowing life to happen to you? By practicing the art of consciously choosing you can bring more and more happiness into your life connecting with your power. All you need is you.

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