When did you last get a good listening to?

I have always loved listening. As a teenager, I would spend hours on the phone talking to my friends (yes, sat in the hallway with the phone attached to the wall by a twisted chord!). I love that every conversation has the potential to open up my world and challenge my thinking.

10 impactful benefits of being listened to well

Builds mutual trust

To share and be vulnerable with someone requires mutual trust. Knowing that you are being listened to well encourages you to trust the other person with the information you are sharing. 

“As we listen more sensitively to people, they start to listen to themselves more carefully and pay attention to their thoughts and feelings” - Rogers & Farson, 1957

Opportunity to improve and enjoy your life

By taking the time to express your thoughts, you have an opportunity to reflect and shine a spotlight on your thinking. Are you saying what you really mean? By paying attention to your thoughts and feelings, you can bring about the change you desire in your life, lining it up with your values and achieving your goals.

Increases productivity

In a work setting, when everyone in the team is listened to well, problems get solved faster and the group is able to collaborate well.

Cooler heads prevail

Sometimes you need to let off steam. In this situation, if you have someone who listens to you without interrupting, you can think more clearly and rationally.

According to Nancy Kline, author of Time To Think, “Thinking stops when we are upset. But if we express feelings just enough, thinking re-starts”.

Helps bring clarity and perspective

By talking something through with the right listener, you can get clarity of thought and a different perspective. You can get out of a vicious circle of thinking patterns and challenge yourself to think differently.

Freedom to express yourself

Working with a coach is a safe space to express yourself fully. This can bring a lightness and an opportunity to get things off your chest.

Opportunity to sort through feelings and emotions

Sometimes you can feel overwhelmed by the thoughts in your head. Speaking them out provides an opportunity to remove their power and to bring more rational thoughts and calmer feelings.

Makes you feel cared for

Being listened to well makes you feel you have significance, and that your life has purpose and meaning. The person listening demonstrates they care about you and what you’re saying.

Improves emotional and physical well being

Studies show that we are more able to deal with our emotions and cause our bodies less stress when we are listened to well.

Know you’re being taken seriously

Being really heard demonstrates that the listener respects you, and it gives you credibility.

If you need a good listening to, why not seek out a qualified coach who has all the skills to bring out the best in you and to make you shine.

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