When did I forget who I wanted to be?

We live in a hectic world and we are constantly pushed to do more in the fastest time possible. While we are busy keeping up with the many labels that society places upon us, we often lose sight of what is important to us.

Take a moment now to remember those ideals that you had when your teacher/careers advisor/friends asked you 'so what to you want to do when you're older?' Did you pursue any of them? Or did you become engrossed in what you felt that you 'should' do?

By ignoring or forgetting our true potential we can become demotivated often leading to a variety of difficulties such as anxiety issues, eating issues, alcohol dependancy and depression.

It's never too late to tap back into those ideals, to reawaken that motivation to make changes in your life and to take control of who and where you want to be.

These changes can be as big or as small as you like, from changing your career to rediscovering that hobby that gave you so much pleasure. By rediscovering these forgotten parts of ourselves, we can build on our self confidence and self esteem, helping us to feel more motivated to lead a life closer to the one we dreamed of.

Goal Setting and looking at what areas of your life that you can make changes in your life will help you to realise that you haven't lost that part of you at all, it just needs a little TLC.

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