What Went Well today

What Went Well Today??

Our brain tends to ignore what goes well and it focuses by on what might go wrong.  The famous psychologist called Martin Seligman and others have created and used a simple technique to address this is called “What Went Well Today”?

The “What Went Well Today” exercise asks that as you end your day, you think about three things that went well and why they went well. These three don’t have to be big things; they can be as small as the sun being out, the bus arriving on time or that a stranger smiled at you. This focuses your attention toward the positive and away from the negative. You will go to sleep thinking more positively you can even dream more positively after using this method. Even severely depressed people can find three things that went well every day, and when they do, their depression may start to lift.

What to do:

Every night for the next week, right before you go to bed, write down three things that went really well today. These things can be small and ordinary in importance. Think about why this good thing happened.

What am I please about or proud of:

At the end of the week  think of 3 things you are pleased about and/or are really proud of. This is an important part of recognising your achievements and praising yourself for them.

Now what went well today?

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