What can a coach do for you?

The best investment I ever made in myself many years ago was to hire a life coach.


Because I got so much back from my investment. I chose to work with a professional top coach as I wanted to work with someone who had invested heavily in themselves and learned from the best as I  knew they would pass on all the jewels they had been taught.

Working with a coach  gave me the courage to transition career. After working for 15 years in TV, I left and trained as a life coach and hypnotherapist.

Many friends and colleagues are curious about my experience with a coach as they are on the fence as to whether or not to hire one. Understandably so...

Today the coaching industry is a saturated market.

People hire coaches for many different reasons:

  • Their confidence and self-esteem is not where they wish it was.
  • They want to create a positive work/life balance in their life.
  • They are in a transitional period - considering a career change.
  • They are struggling to deal with difficult personalities in the workforce.
  • They lack the courage/confidence to start their dream business.
  • They are seeking more purpose in their life.
  • They are entrepreneurs who feel overwhelmed.
  • They lack clarity in their life.

Before I hired a coach I used to break commitments to myself. Having someone to be accountable to is extremely effective. It puts more leverage on you to make your commitments happen. How many people do you have championing you, telling you how awesome you are, unconditionally supporting you, patiently listening to you, and never judging you or laughing at your huge aspirations?

I loved my coach doing  all of that.

Sure, people say. 'I have friends and family to do all of that. Why would I spend money on a coach?' 

Well quite simply, your friends and family with all the best intentions in the world perhaps do not have effective tools and techniques to help you transform your life;

  • Methods to help you change your perspective and find a sense of self.
  • Powerful communication skills to bring you the results you are after.
  • A blueprint to help you increase your self-confidence, self-esteem and resilience.
  • The way to court risk with more self-assurance.  
  • Skills to help you develop your intuition
  • And much more... 

Wherever you are in your life, a coach can help you raise your standards and take your life to the next level. Nobody 'needs' a coach - we are all good enough as we are. However, a coach will take you from where you are to where you want to get to way faster than you can get there yourself.

I hope this helps you have a greater understanding of why working with a professional coach could be one of the best investments you ever make in your life.

Why? It's your time to shine!

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All coaches are verified professionals

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