Ways to improve your self-motivation

When things aren’t going the way you would hope or energy levels seem to be exhausted, or even not knowing how to start a project or task, self-motivation can appear to be fast asleep in some corner so how do you cattle-prod it into life again? Read on to find out three main areas to concentrate on.

Self-motivation is a complicated subject as what drives us can be different to what drives others. A common link is the ability to set challenging yet reachable goals that push us.

With this in mind, here are three factors to build levels in self-motivation.

1. Confidence – Building self-confidence

As a martial artist, had I considered my competitors to be too strong or fast I would never have entered competitions. When it came to grading, had I thought them too challenging, well, I wouldn’t have progressed.

This is no different in our lives or business. Those who don’t believe in themselves or their abilities will start by thinking “I know I can’t do that” and will often achieve their own self-fulfilling prophecy. Those with a positive outlook will think “OK, that didn’t work but this one set-back won’t stop me” approach.

Building from a point of self-confidence insures a much greater chance of success. The consequential joy that this brings positively hits the endorphins making you want the next challenge, creating a self-perpetuating circle.

Steps to help confidence:

  • Set goals that are obtainable and go get them! Then get the feel-good factor.
  • Ask friends and colleagues what they see as your strengths – you may be surprised!
  • Do a self-analysis on SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunity, Threats). Focus on areas you could stretch or improve yourself (W and O).
  • Look back on your achievements. Remember how you felt.

There may be knock-backs but look to what positive things you can take from this.

2. Positive, pro-active and future forecasting way of thinking

This is an assisting factor to self-confidence. If you constantly look for the negatives, you will find them and continue to live by that mantra, however, those who find the positive will likewise, fulfil that mantra too.

When questioned about the number of attempts to develop the light bulb, Thomas Edison replied “I have not failed. I've just found 10000 ways that won't work”! Now that’s positive mind-setting.

Steps to help positive thinking:

  • Challenge ‘negative’ thoughts, replace with ‘positive’ ones. Re-frame the way you say things (i.e. not to ‘give up’ but to ‘aim for’).
  • Visualise how things will look better once your goal has been achieved.
  • Read books on positive thinking styles (put ‘positive thinking’ into Amazon for a plethora of choices!)

3. Strong goals (S.M.A.R.T.)

You’re most probably already aware of the SMART acronym (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time scale). By setting these, self-confidence increases as each stage is achieved giving focus on ‘positive’ mind-set.

Look at every component of SMART and set your goal around these.

Steps to help setting strong goals:

  • Make goals difficult enough to be interesting but not insurmountable.
  • Progress report! Frequently check up on how you are doing.
  • Prioritise – make sure things are in order of relevance and importance.

Coaching is a renowned method for assisting with motivation and this is by means of holding you accountable! If you make a commitment to someone, you’re chances of success improves dramatically and coaches are here to help support you along your journey of self-motivation. 

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