Understanding the complexities of life

Do you find some days that you feel puzzled by what life presents to you?

How do we hold on to balance when massive tsunamis of life threaten to knock us off our feet?

What is the bigger picture?

Where are we going?

Do you find it hard to be happy no matter what? Are you full of anxiety and pain? Are you stuck in a groove that won’t set you free?

The journey through life can be puzzling and in learning ways to understand and handle it effectively helps us to feel free and happy.

My own path has had some massive rocks, too many at times. But now I know and see that it’s all been for a reason. That is to make me wiser and stronger emotionally and for me to wake up to what it’s all about.

When we are told that everything is for a reason. It can be hard to cope with and yet all the ‘spiritual’ leaders will echo the same. Current life in all its chaoticness is about people being pushed to wake up to the reality of life, to the importance of love. This may sound a bit soppy but it’s what we come into the world, with and for.

There’s a bigger plan. Actions which need to be carried out. We have been blindfolded throughout our lives. We think we live in truth but actually far from it.

Next time you see a newborn baby, ask yourself how the new mother is bound to be feeling. You will link in with your heart no doubt and feel the love. Love is a natural feeling and one with which we are all born.

Materialism is the overriding factor in western life. Something is missing. Greed, dishonesty and selfishness come to the surface. That natural generosity of spirit is lacking.

Many people are unhappy at work, depressed, confused, upset, lost and cannot seem to find clarity. There are ways which are easy and gentle. All it need is for your openness.

In my work as a coach and professional in arts and well-being, I see so much. As people begin to ‘get it’, lives can change dramatically.

There are simple practices like EFT, Streamflowing©, and time tested Yoga-like techniques which can all assist on the path as well as creativity. Find your way through the challenges and learn how you can live more fully. They are not insurmountable.

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