Uncovering what's missing: A life coach's guide to wholeness

At times, life can feel like a puzzle with a missing piece. You may sense an emptiness, a void waiting to be filled, yet you're unsure what should occupy that space. As a life coach, I've guided many on self-discovery.


This journey is about introspection and aligning your external world with your internal needs and desires. It's about peeling back the layers of who you think you should be to reveal who you truly are. Often, what's missing isn't a new experience or possession but a deeper connection with ourselves and the world around us. The key is not to find what's lacking but to understand why we feel something is absent.

Acknowledging the void

The first step is acknowledging the void. This can manifest as restlessness, a lack of fulfilment, or persistent questioning of your current life trajectory. Recognise these feelings not as failings but as signposts that it's time to reflect on your life's direction.

Introspection for clarity

Gaining clarity often requires turning inward. Set aside time for solitude and introspection. Through journaling or meditation, allow yourself to explore your thoughts and feelings without judgment. This can lead to revelations about what is truly important to you.

Balancing life's pillars

Assess the critical areas of your life: relationships, career, personal growth, and health. Are you neglecting any aspect? The missing piece may be hidden within an imbalance. By identifying discrepancies between your values and your current situation, you can begin to address them.

Rekindling passions

Often, what's missing has been forgotten rather than lost. Revisit past hobbies and interests that once sparked joy. Permit yourself to explore and be curious. These sparks can rekindle a fire that illuminates your missing piece.

Connecting with others

Human connection can fill many voids. Strengthen existing relationships and forge new ones. A sense of community and belonging can provide the support you need to find and place the missing piece.

Finding purpose

Your 'why' is your compass. What drives you? What impact do you want to have? Defining your purpose can give direction and meaning to your choices, leading to a more fulfilled life.

Taking action

With clarity and purpose, it's time to act. Set small, achievable goals that align with your values and desired direction. Consistent, purposeful action can transform your life piece by piece.

Building resilience

The path to finding what's missing is with obstacles. Cultivate resilience by learning from setbacks and adapting your approach. Each challenge is an opportunity to grow stronger and more determined.

Staying present

Mindfulness keeps you anchored in the present, appreciating the journey as much as the destination. Through practices like meditation, you can maintain a focus on your current path and the richness of the experience.

Discovering what's missing in your life is an ongoing process of growth and self-discovery. It requires honesty, bravery, and action. Embrace this journey, and as your life coach, I assure you, each step forward is a step towards a more complete, fulfilled you. Remember, the beauty of life's puzzle is not just in finding the right pieces but in the search itself, which leads to learning, growth, and self-realisation.

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Written by Aaron McCarthy, Expert Career & Confidence Coach.
London, WC2N

Hello, I'm Aaron Jude Mcarthy, and I've spent a lifetime exploring the intricacies of human behaviour and achievement. This catalyzed my quest to understand why some excel in work and life while others struggle. Through my writing, I dissect the dynamics of efficiency, satisfaction, and meaning, shedding light on the elusive keys to success.

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