Turning jealousy into a good thing

Comparison to others, particularly with all the social media platforms available, is becoming easier and easier to do.

Good news is, I’m here to tell you that you are perfectly normal to feel jealous sometimes and that you can turn the jealousy into a positive by using the five steps below:

  • Step one: Social media. Who puts unflattering stuff on social media? I know I don’t. Think about that. When you are reviewing social media posts, view them in the knowledge that at best, what has been posted is probably showing that person in the best light or at worst, it’s a 'boast party' and in which case that says more about their insecurities than yours.
  • Step two: The why. Identify what you are envious of? Sometimes we can’t help feeling envious of someone. This is 100% normal and is the perfect situation to help you! Use this as an opportunity to analyse what you are envious of and identify what you can realistically do in your life to get you some of it?
  • Step three: You are unique. 100% embrace who you are and what you are because you are unique. As per the second step, if you are finding yourself envious or jealous, then this is a sign that you need to do work on you. Do you know what specifically you are envious of? What is making you unhappy? What can you do to make it better? Go see a life coach, fitness trainer, nutrition expert, style coach or business coach. Get some help. If you can’t afford help, then ask your friends for advice.
  • Step four: It’s all a mirage. If you want to get deep and meaningful and more real with this stuff, then it’s a case of understanding what someone is projecting to the outside world probably isn’t always the reality of what is going on inside. Of course, we are not wishing someone bad in their private life, of course not, but it’s a case of being slightly more savvy when the comparison monster rears its head. Everything is not always as is it seems all the time.
  • Step five: Litmus test. Ultimately, when you walk away from someone, analyse how that person has made you feel? If when you walk away, you generally feel up-lifted and happy then this is a good person to be around. But if when you walk away you generally feel irritated or not happy, it’s a good indication that this is not a person you should be spending your time with. If someone is not making you feel good about yourself, don’t be around them or try not to be around them too much.

I hope this has helped!



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