Top tips for moving towards love not fear

If all thoughts stem from fear or love, then join the shared consciousness to heal and love. Give back. Serve your community.  Be mindful of your thoughts and actions, and ask the good ones to manifest themselves to create the best life for you, because you deserve it.

I want to reflect on the state of our being and to ask you to consider the script you have for yourself. By looking deeply into the well, I want you to consider my questions and use my top tips to move yourself closer to a loving space.

As a global consciousness, our parents adopted paradigm was to fear everything.

We have a mythological script that’s hangs above our heads, our everyday judgement, the critical parent and our “could do better” attitude.

Do you honestly believe that that is what God is? Our judge?

She is our maker, our designer, our creator.

Our parents and society tells us to fear all. “Be careful. Watch out for this…. and that…”

This gets ingrained in our DNA until we are scared of the unforeseeable and are scared of being too different.

Are you scared of standing out for being too different? Are you being accused of vanity, big-headedness and foolishness?

Where we are now in our shared paradigm is stuck. It has taken my lifetime to see the journey of humans and now we are at a tipping point. We are paralysed by our fear and as such how parents who have become this are victims, needing to blame someone. They are the children of fear and as such become our parents of hopelessness. We hear it in their language – “whatever”, “bothered?”. Their script is to talk of blame and play out the role of victim spectacularly and thus perpetuates the consciousness of inertia.

And like a lake that has lost its outlet to the rivers and the rivers to the ocean, in its stillness and inaction, it becomes stagnant, brown and murky. Oxygen leaves, fishes die and nothing changes.

No-one picks up the child that is crying and crippled by fear, for fear of being labelled a pervert. We have wrapped ourselves in policies and laws, until we have suffocated our natural instinct to nurture or discipline. Now we can opt out of saving someone lawfully!

No-one challenges rejection, or their fear of further disappointment. Our acceptance, allows us to not have to think. We sit like zombies in front of the television, opting out of participation; surrendering to the allure of the fictional reality and escapism. Or for those of us on the extreme end of the autistic spectrum we revel in internet war games and the control and command we can only imagine. And with this imagination, we design software and processes to communicate across the world.

And as we give away our rights to make choices and decisions, the gaps peel back revealing chasms to fill with emptiness, loneliness and experiences to justify how hard done by we are. This, is then cemented together with bitterness and sadness and glued together with tears of regret and sorrow.

We bought into the belief that to act on our feelings was wrong. We crushed the spirit of love with excuses of fear and blame and as our overwhelming self-pity encases us, we watch our prophecies unfold. The hell, the pain and the suffering. That’s what we wish for. That’s the dream we bought into.

Good job!

Stop! Stop now before you can’t undo. 

There is something you need to know.

Under the stagnant pond are the undercurrents. Under the stench there is a shared consciousness that has clarity and clearness. There is the flow towards the river and the oceans and other choices. By serving, or by choosing harmony and following your true purpose; to be you, finding and giving love from you - you will grow.

By living your dream and staying true to your uniqueness, you have the power to initiate change. Only then are you beginning to master your creation. One thing in live is sure and that is that change is always there. You know nothing stays the same forever. You know, nothing can be destroyed just transformed. And life is forever; created for you, by you and you are here to experience here and now.

Exercise 1 (daily).

The next time you have "those thoughts", bring them into your minds-eye and see them for what they are – just thoughts. Like the inner sponsor. The voice inside that you need to tame to cheerlead you into a place where you want to be.

Your soul conceived these thoughts. The thoughts can become actions if and when you chose them to be so. So choose wisely.

Exercise 2

Question the lessons you are learning for taking these actions.

If your sole purpose is to know your soul’s purpose then how will taking these actions make or break you?

What impact will it have on others and you? Are you giving or taking?

What do you need to do more or less of?

If you don’t take this action, what could the impact be?

Will it be sickness? Will you internalise it to become fear and hatred?  Fear goes inside. Love goes outside.

And a final word of warning

All thoughts go somewhere. They are energy in motion. If strong enough, the energy joins together and becomes even greater, eventually they may manifest beyond the realm of consciousness and become actions.

Choose. If you do nothing, that is your choice. 

Join the shared consciousness to heal and love. Give back. Serve your community.  Be mindful of your thoughts and actions and ask the good ones to manifest themselves to create the best life for you, because you deserve it.

Top tips for moving towards love not fear:

  • Start celebrating your achievements.
  • Love yourself first and foremost.
  • Talk to your inner child for he/ she needs to feel safe.
  • Take risks today.
  • Stretch yourself everyday and you we sleep deeply.
  • Feel the fear, feel the love – your emotions create the thoughts that lead to the actions.
  • Never drop your standards. You are always worth it.

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