‘Tis the season to buy and do more. Make it the season to review.

The end of the year can be very demanding. We have long to do lists. Lists for Christmas and the holidays. Lists for getting a month’s worth of December’s work done in only three weeks. Lists for visiting, celebrating and gift giving for family and friends and colleagues. Our focus shifts to present buying. We dwell on what our loved ones need and want. So much to do and so much to get. 

The end of the year is also an important time to review the months that have passed in order to be ready for the year to come. Bulging to do and buy lists can keep us suspended in the stressful just next. So when we can, let’s try to take a moment to find a different view.

As well as focusing on what we and others need, we can think about what we already have. Instead of the pressures of what we need to do, take some time to reflect on what we have already done. Now is the time to consider what 2017 has brought us and the many achievements and triumphs of the year – however big or small. While we’re rushing forward with everyone that needs doing, don’t forget to look back and review all that has already been done. If possible, take some time out for a walk for this reflection. Even a few minutes walking gives us space to think openly and positively.

This practice won’t reduce all the tasks we have to do. However, it will put everything we have to do in perspective. It will allow us to be kind to ourselves and consider our priorities. It will help us enjoy the end of our year and give us time to appreciate all 2017 has meant for us.

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