Three beliefs to believe to help self-belief

1) Self-belief can be learned

Think back to when you were a very young child.  Toddlers weren’t born thinking “oh no I can’t do that!” or “I’m not someone who does something like that.”  They just do it and try it out.

Then life gets in the way.  Experiences and people in our lives begin to tell us not to try things; tell us that we may fail so don’t bother; or even worse that we are worth it.

If you can learn to not believe in yourself then you can learn the other way round and believe in yourself!

2) You don’t have to listen to the voices in your head

When you start to doubt yourself most of us have a voice, or several, speaking in our head telling us that we can’t, or shouldn’t.  Think for a moment: whose voices are they?  A parent, a teacher, school bully?  One thing is certain; that inner voice wasn't yours originally.  It may seem like yours but it wasn’t originally.

Say to yourself: "This voice is not mine!"  Then bring in a voice you want to replace it with.  Think what you'd say to a friend if they said about themselves what you are saying in your head.  What advice would you give?  Now listen to that advice yourself.  Replace the old voice with this new advising voice.  Keep the language positive.

3) People are happy to help you

People are happy to help you and support you.  The problem is they can’t always be there with you all the time.  Or can they?

Think of someone you admire who has an element of their behaviour/belief that you want.  Imagine what it would be like to act like they do.  How would that work for you?  How does it change the way you feel or think?  Imagine yourself in their shoes, stood the way they do with an expression like they have.  Do this with as many people as you want and how often you want.

Now whenever you feel you need someone there to support you and help you belief you can do something imagine them there with you, stood next to you, or stood behind you.  Think how much more you’d belief in yourself in situations if you had a supportive crowd of people behind you pushing you forward and protecting you.

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