The value of life coaching

Life Coaching is proactive and aims to move you on from where you are to where you want – and need – to be.


You do have a choice to move on and change things, or not. In coaching, there is no option to do it or not as, the objective of coaching is to move forward and keep moving forward!

Why choose life coaching? 

It is proactive and active – present tense and motivating, working with where you are as well as who you are and why which can be explored but in less detail than counselling does to resolve the issues.

  • you choose the goals
  • you take the action steps
  • you find guidance and support from your coach
  • you overcome the obstacles and barriers
  • you make things happen!

We naturally work within the coaching ‘process’ with everyday situations like booking holidays, changing jobs, getting things done and daily schedules with family and work-life balance. We just don’t recognise it as such.

Coaching, therefore, is not new to people but the concept is embracing the qualities and drive we naturally have to create a life we want to have and to live.

Life coaching helps you to look at all aspects of your life and where things need to change, and how. Career coaching focuses on work, relationship coaching on relationships etc.

So what in your life might need to change? And how?

It seems daunting to change your life, but actually, you are doing it day by day, year after year anyway. At least this way you are choosing your direction and your outcome!

This is what coaching provides for you. Clarity, motivation and drive, excitement and inspiration. It gives you support and insights you would otherwise not find perhaps, and it is totally focused on you. No one else’s agenda matters. No one else will see things their way and interpret what you do and say from their own perspective.

A coach will work with you, your need, mindset, tendencies, skill set and talents and your goals that you arrive at possibly together or developing your step-by-step action plan together if you already have your goal(s) in place.

Your mind knows only you, your experiences, your needs, your values and your beliefs. Your expectations arise from all these life events and experiences and a coach will work with those, for example, if they are realistic for you to achieve rather than just 'want' or 'hope' for or wish for.

The coach works for you, with you, as you because they get to know you and what you are saying and not saying, what you mean and the message rather than just the words.

Coaching is a powerful process of drawing out from within you what you really, really want and coaches are trained to do just that, albeit in their own way or their own developmental process.

And in order to achieve something you do really have to want it or you won’t try hard enough, have the vision and the drive to overcome those problem hours, the difficult days and the uncomfortable conversations with yourself or your coach!

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Oldham, Greater Manchester, OL4
Written by Julie Crowley, NLP & Hypnosis practitioner, Mindset Coach, Business Coach
Oldham, Greater Manchester, OL4

Julie offers personal development life & career coaching for self-awareness, stress management, relationships & communication that identify your options, insights and outlooks. Supporting professional team members & families, self-employed or managers. "Removing barriers, building dreams. Resolving problems, building teams"

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