The word coach has several meanings but in reality they all mean the same thing. Something which gets you from A to B!

The most popular thing we bring to mind is the original meaning of the word, a vehicle which takes people on their destination journey. We catch a coach when we want to travel.

Then there is the sports coach, the person who trains us to achieve in whatever sport we want to be successful in.

In business, a coach is also a trainer, someone who is driving us to learn the job we are employed to do or make us perform our roles more efficiently.

Which then brings us to the life coach; the person who encourages us to get to our life destination when things are not going the way they should.

Most of us have been on a motor coach, most of us have had training in sports at some time in our life and I am sure, some of us have been trained and coached at various points in our career.

Have you ever thought that you may need someone to coach you through life’s journey? No matter how much some of us are able to cope with most things which are thrown our way, there is often something which seems to be unsolvable. Why? 

  • Because we cannot find a way out.
  • Our mind is full of so many things we do not know which way to turn.
  • Life’s throwing things at us which we never dreamed would happen to us.
  • We have to make a choice and do not know which way to choose as we want to go both ways.
  • Our career is not going the path we want it to.
  • Our relationships are all over the place.
  • We cannot seem to make route plans.
  • Every time we try to go down a particular route, it goes wrong and we cannot understand why.

This is where a life coach comes in, helping you to understand where to get on to the ‘coach journey’ but first the life coach needs to encourage YOU to do the following:

  • Find out the destination you are aiming for.
  • Map out a plan of action.
  • Maintain the plan.
  • Deal with the hiccups along the way if the ‘bus’ takes the wrong route or is on a dead end.
  • Get you back on track.
  • Encourage positive thinking.
  • Help you to heal your mind.
  • Help you to arrive safely at your destination.

It all sounds so easy, but we must remember it does take time and commitment. You cannot give up halfway or keep returning to the starting point if you want to succeed and you need that life coach to keep reminding you of your desired journey destination. Once you start the journey, you will be surprised where life takes you.

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All coaches are verified professionals