Some Keys To Goal Setting

Where is your Wish list?

Most people write down a list of wants on New Year's Day, then place them in a drawer for the rest of the year, whilst crossing their fingers and hoping it will all appear, don't be one who does this. Instead do have a list of your goals you want to achieve for the coming year and place this list somewhere you will see it regularly. Learn to reinforce your mind of all that it is you want to achieve, become and have.

''See it, believe it and take it.''

Where does your reinforcement come from?

Many people fail to identify and utilise the support and guidance of people and resources needed along the way, don't be the person trying to achieve their dreams and goals alone. Share your dreams and passion with others, seek the support and encouragement needed to make it all possible.

Have you mapped out your goals?

Preparation and carefully planning is key to keeping on track along your journey into the unknown. Would you get into a car with no idea as to the end destination? I hope not. So plan your goals as you would anything else. Have a plan, if not you will be a part of someone else's plan.

How much talking are you doing?

Discussing your goals is not enough. Careful, thought out actions, repeated continuously until achieved is an absolute must.

How clear are your crystals?

Your goals need to be crystal clear, there no room for fuzziness here for the price is to high and will ultimately cost you your goal. Now take a moment and imagine the combination on a pad lock or ones personal phone number digits. If the instructions are off by one digit neither will work. The same applies to your goals make sure you are crystal clear about your goals and be sure to inform those who you plan to be a part of it all.

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