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Communication – body language

Not all our communication involves words.  Most of our communication is non verbal and we are interpretating non verbal clues all the time, even if we don’t realise it. If a person looks closed, with their arms folded and their body pulled in, they usually are sending out the message that they don’t want to communicate. If a person looks open, giving you eye contact, facing you with a relaxed stance they usually want to communicative with you. Usually we look for grouping of actions rather than just a single action to tell us how responsive a person is to communication with us.

How to feel comfortable in your skin

  • Perform a body scan, start at the tip of your head and work down your body to your toes noticing where you are holding tension
  • Taking  a few deep breaths can help to centre you in your body
  • If you want to be open but feel tense, repeating the word ‘open’ in your head a few times can actually help to relax you
  • If having a bad day, smile and you will find yourself feeling better

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