Save Time and Money with Phone/Skype Coaching

If you have said yes to one (or more) of these questions then maybe now is the time to consider coaching via phone/Skype. Whether or not you frequently use Skype or tele-conferencing, you may of already ruled out the idea of speaking to a coach over the phone or Skype in favour of face to face sessions.

  • Do you believe that you do not have enough time to invest in your personal development?
  • Do you find the journeys you make frustrating, time consuming and even a bad way to spend your money?
  • Is there someone that you care for and who cannot be left on their own?
  • Would you rather spend the time and money getting to a coach or getting them to you on something else?

There are many benefits of speaking to a coach over Skype or on the phone. Some of which are:-

  • You get to speak from the comfort, security and of your own home or work space, being more relaxed, open and reflective with yourself and your coach.
  • There is no getting stuck in traffic or paying for your coach to travel to you.
  • You can be away on business anywhere in the world or working late and still speak to your coach.
  • There is less need to find someone to look over that person you care for whilst you are having your coaching session.
  • You have a world of coaches to choose from. You could be in London (UK) or New York (USA), whilst your coach could be elsewhere such as in Chelmsford (Essex, England).
  • You can use the time and money saved from not travelling to a coach (or them to you) on taking the actions and additional thinking needed to achieve your goals.
  • It is easier to fit a session into your evenings and free time, leaving more time for other things.
  • It is easier to start your session in a relaxed resourceful state, enabling you to get straight down to talking about what you wish to work on.
  • The coach doesn’t need to know what you look like if you don’t want them to (you are free to have a bad hair day).

So if any of these benefits tick your boxes (you may even of thought up others of your own), find the coach(es) that you would like to talk to, pick up the phone and start taking your life forward to a brighter future.

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All coaches are verified professionals

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