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Mr AC of Oxfordshire (self-esteem and public speaking anxiety)

As a result of my sessions with Philip Gowler, my sense of self-confidence has increased and this has greatly improved my ability to effectively present to an audience. Thus I achieved the outcome I hoped for. What went best was starting the presentation and for once feeling confident presenting it! There were of course still some nerves; but I was able to use them to my advantage. The Circle of Excellence and other similar mental images were very useful.

Mrs ER of Oxfordshire (anxiety and self-esteem)

I just wanted to say thank you for your support and insights into both my personal and working lives over the last month. I have been successfully using the coping strategies you taught me and life seems a little easier for it. Since our last meeting when we discussed presentations and public speaking, I have definitely been more confident and feel better prepared for doing them. I know it’s an ongoing process and it will take practice, but I can already feel an improvement. Thank you for the session on setting goals for the business; I am well on my way to achieving them and can almost taste the glory to come. Really and truly, thank you for your guidance and rest assured, if I meet anyone that may also benefit from meeting with you, I will make you my recommendation.

This quote is from the owner of Newbury Well-being Centre, Claire Bushell.

On April 18th 2015, we held an Open Day at the centre and I held a workshop on the Circle of Excellence. One of my clients, Julie Armstrong, was very pleased with the work I did. Claire Bushell posted this comment in Facebook:

According to Julie, Phil is "God Personified!". She really enjoyed both the Circle of Excellence workshop and the NLP talk he did with particular emphasis on goal setting.

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