Reconnecting with your values - what's important to you

Do you feel like you're trundling along a path, not sure where you're going but wondering if you might be going in the wrong direction?

Want to get the map out and make sure the path you are on is the right one for you?

Want to be sure that you will fulfill your purpose, find meaning and be happy in life?

Then take a few minutes to reconnect with your values.

Sit down and write out what values are important to you. Here is a really good exercise to help you do this -

Now you have your top eight values, what do each mean to you? What is definitely being fulfilled in your life right now and what isn't?

Looking at what values are not being achieved right now in your life, what do you need to do to incorporate those in to your life? Other than making a huge life change, what small changes could you make to make a big change in how you feel?

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