New Year, new you. Let's start to G.R.O.W.

It’s time for change. It’s time to do things differently. It’s time to step outside of our comfort zones so we may grow our businesses or our own levels of personal growth in whichever direction you deem to aspire to. And here’s a tool to help you achieve it…

Whether it be the beginning of a New Year, a new job or the determination of a new you! The focus is on development and this only comes about by planning and taking steps to realise it. The following tool comes into its own to help give you that focus you need.

As a coach, we use the following frequently. You can start helping yourself by addressing some of the points disclosed. I use this on myself when looking to break a particular objective into achievable segments but still refer to my coach as even I won’t ask some questions of myself that need to be asked! Or, sometimes, didn’t realise need to be asked and that’s where I can help you get to the core, then set realistic but challenging goals to reach.

So what is this tool? We refer to it as the GROW model. An acronym meaning Goal, Reality, Options and Will (or the Way forward). Now let’s break it down further:

Goal - What needs to be achieved? What behaviours need to be modified? Use SMART (another acronym meaning Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time bound). Know the measurement by which you know you have reached the goal.

Reality - How real is it? This is a critical step allowing you to establish what is happening now and what are the likely outcomes by remaining unchanged? How does the new goal interact with the objective? Have any steps already been taken, if so, what happened? Is it really achievable in the given time frame? Goals need to be at a stretch but still within grasp with effort put in.

Options - This is my favourite area. No ‘idea’ is stupid! It may not fit with the goal at this time but who’s to say it won’t work later? Let ideas fly, brainstorm allowing free flowing thoughts without fear of ridicule. Try using spider diagrams where one idea shoots off into other elements. Write every thought. Use exploratory questions that start ‘What, Who, How’. Where there may be blockage, ask yourself a favourite of mine “… and what else could I do?” and keep repeating that same question.

Will - Now you have the pieces from the ‘O’, let’s put them into a plan! Establish which are relevant now. What will have the greatest benefit? Who else do you need to involve? And most critically when are you going to start, not complete. This comes once you know when you will begin and how long each component will take.

Another trick to help you achieve your set objectives is to create awards along the way. Generate rewards for hitting set targets. This will help with positive motivation along the journey. For example, I love coffee so my reward will be to make a tasty brew once this article has been written. Rewards don’t need to be large or expensive, make them proportional to the task in hand.

As a coach, we know how to delve that bit deeper to understand obstacles that may not be revealed by yourself due to subconscious barriers being formed. We’re trained how to listen intently and ask incisive questions to find those little diamonds often missed but by carrying out the aforementioned, you can start to make great headway on your own.

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