Living in a dream

Most of us are living our entire lives lost in some sort of dream.

The mind

  • The mind is either wrapped around a fantasy about what we want, or a nightmare about what we don't want.
  • The mind is running its mental projector, splattering its ideas all over the world.
  • The mind is rarely in the peaceful gap that's between the past and the future, that gap we call the now.
  • The mind forgets about the gap, and how it makes you feel that are beyond space and time.
  • The mind instead gets wrapped up in thoughts, creating scenarios about the future and processes memories about the past, until you are bedazzled by it all.
  • The mind throws you into a whirlwind of ideas each day, some new, some old, yet they all leave you unaware, spiritually unsatisfied and your soul left reaching for answers.

The unaware mind slowly and quietly rips you away from being here now and pushes you towards the edge of insanity more often than you may realize. 

Once the mind stops believing its inner picture show is real, then you will know without a doubt that you are awake. 

The movie watcher will suddenly realize its sitting in the middle of a dark theatre, which is indeed the mind, and simply stand up and walk out of the theatre. The vast light of your infinite being will beckon!

When you stop paying attention to the picture show of the mind, there is a deep release and relaxation. There is no more identification with the mind and its thousands of thoughts anymore, so life becomes very peaceful. The experience is divine, beyond amazing. It's like pure freedom beyond boundaries, knowing yourself as a supreme conscious being who is aware of its divine nature again. 
When we wake up, we find real peace inside.
When someone is spiritually asleep they are unaware that they are lost in the mind. They feel the joy they get from their imagination is more pleasurable than stepping back and waking up from it. The sleepwalker is constantly trailing the mind, like a hungry mouse following a trail of cheese. It moves from consuming one tiny bite of cheese to the next. From this thought now, to the next thought, and the next. It is forever hungry, and forever unsatisfied.

How can thoughts ever truly be fulfilling and spiritually satisfying?

  • The mind is not aware that there's an option to not follow the next thought.
  • The mind is mainly caught in the outer world, obsessed with it. Wanting to buy things, get things accomplished, completing today’s to-do list, and it is emotionally invested in solving all the problems which arise throughout the week.
  • The mind wanders incessantly and there’s really not much you can do about it. You can press your nose up against the movie screen, or sit in the last row, and the movie will still continue to play.
  • The mind is just doing its thing.
  • The mind instantly starts projecting desires, hopes, and assumptions about how the experience will be when you have a semi-important appointment in a few hours.
  • The mind is a natural strategist, constantly trying to help us survive ought life as best as it can.

Hopefully, we are aware enough to stop getting hooked into its demands on others and ourselves.

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