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Listening to our own inner voice is the very opposite of fixing and improving yourself. It comes from self-acceptance, but acceptance doesn't happen by repeating "I accept myself, I accept myself" over and over. Rather, it is a perceptual and emotional shift  - a leap from where you are to a new way of being. 

Listening to our own inner voice is both the beginning of and the evidence of an entirely new relationship with your inner self. Your inner self, consists of your true inner experience, what you really think, feel, know, sense, and want, including what you think you are not conscious of. The inner voice experience comes when you open your ears to your inner self. When you open your heart. It is a reawakening to a different way of living your entire life, creating a life that is in harmony with who you really are.

Sometimes an inner voice experience can occur simply by acknowledging an accepting your smallest urges and impulses, the whispers of your inner self. People caught in the forgotten self, mentioned in my earlier article, have many psychological layers and barriers between who they are and how they are. When they finally experience their inner voice, it is a lot like striking oil. Something breaks through and gushes out. Yet not all inner voice experiences are this exciting, sometimes they are not even happy or hopeful. They are just completely and utterly real - it reflects to us that we are unhappy with our current situation and something needs to be done about it.

By saying, hearing and accepting what is true for us we can contact something inside of us that feels right. We begin to develop a reference point for being connected with ourselves and not feeling so out of harmony between what is going on inside and outside of us. And like removing a boulder from a stream, it makes way for other information to begin flowing smoothly.

This does not mean, of course, that you have one inner voice experience and never again have trouble knowing and following your true self. It is more like an introduction or a reintroduction to who you really are. But you must consciously make contact again and again. The difference is, that it gets easier.

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