Life Coaching or Astrology?

Having read their horoscope, how many people then informed you what it contained and how they are going to be richer, meet their ideal partner and enjoy many pleasures? How many people have then asked what your star sign is and then read your horoscope out to you? For many years’ daily newspapers and weekly/monthly periodicals published horoscopes; now people can choose to receive a horoscope from websites. How many people choose horoscopes to plan their day, their decision making, and their future outcomes or make their life fit to what they have read?

At present there are an estimated 60 million people in the United Kingdom and there are twelve star signs. On average five million people share the same star sign. Of those five million, some will be just a few days old, some will be awaiting their telegram from the Queen and some may have already received it. How can this horoscope, which was sent to a friend, be relevant to all five million people with the same star sign?

At the moment your path to success is blocked, even though previously with your old approach, you were always on the right track and made good progress. Now, there are too many obstacles in your way and it is necessary to re-evaluate the situation and look at some new possibilities. Try to change your approach and focus on the main task, then you'll be much closer to reaching your goal”.

That horoscope is full of assumptions. How does the astrologer know the “path to success is blocked”, that there was a “right track” and that it allowed “good progress”? How can the astrologer state that “there are too many obstacles”? Coaches have no problem with “re-evaluate the situation and look at some new possibilities”, or to “to change your approach and focus on the main task” (using the ‘try’ can create failure) although a 5-day old baby might have a problem with that. Finally, how does an astrologer know that it will bring all five million people “much closer to reaching your goal”?

Life coaching is about helping people achieve their desired outcomes. Each client has their own ‘model of the world’, their own internal resources and their own internal success mechanism. By asking empowering questions, the coach can help a client erase their old patterns and create new ones. By giving on-going support, a coach can help a client strengthen a new pattern until it becomes habitual. To succeed it is important that each person is supported in a non-judgmental, non-directional and non-critical way. The horoscope above was full of judgement, direction and criticism.

If people used life coaching, as opposed to star-gazing, how fast would it accelerate the growth of life coaching?

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