Life can be heart breaking and beautiful - I get it

When I say, “I get it” it means, I get it. Please understand that I do not mean that I understand exactly what you’re feeling, thinking, and experiencing. I do not get all that you are and all that you are becoming. However, I do understand pain, loss, rebuilding, transforming, changing, taking massive action and making difficult decisions. I have lived it. I am living it. 


All of us humans have experienced joy, pain, and loss. This is part of being human. Imagine if life was stagnant all of the time. Let us remember back, not that far, during Covid lockdown. We were stuck in our homes; we could not see our loved ones out of fear we may give them a deadly disease. Life was on hold and for many it was devastating! Many of my clients lost their loved ones during this lockdown. Imagine not being able to be with your dying loved one as they took their last breath. How horrid. This adds a layer to grief that many of us never had to experience. 

We humans need connection. To feel all the universe has in store for us is to be human. Sometimes it sucks, sometimes it is beautiful. Life is everything and can be heartbreakingly beautiful. 

May we feel it all deeply. When we feel, this is where, I believe, empathy and compassion is created. Allowing ourselves to feel and be vulnerable by sharing our hurts, our joys, our pain, our grief, and our healing, we not only help ourselves but we help those around us. 

Feel it all. Yes, even the pain. 

This thought may strike fear in you. You may feel you will never recover if you 'let go' and feel. You may be worried that you will never get out of the darkness or be able to stand up again. I promise you will.

The pain, the trauma, is all there. It is sitting there. Let it out. Get it out! 

Then, pick yourself up, and become the warrior that you are meant to be. You are not a victim. You are more powerful than you think! 

Read that again! You are more powerful than you think! 

The good news is, you do not need to experience all of this alone. There is help out there. We are not meant to do life alone. Be vulnerable. Be courageous. Be powerful. Be an investigator of your own life. Be a detective and dig deep to figure out what you need and what you want. Then, go after it like your life depends on it! Psssst... Here is a little secret, your life does depend on it! 

As a life coach that specialises in personal development and grief coaching, I have the honour and privilege of walking beside my clients as they rebuild, transform and take action to create the life they desire and deserve. 

If you feel stuck and need to make changes but do not know where or how to start. I get it. Life can be overwhelming. I can help. 

Please contact me below for a free 15-minute consultation via Zoom to determine if this is the right direction for you. 

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Market Harborough, LE16
Written by Holistic Life Coaching with Lisa Marie, International Certified & Accredited Life & Grief Coach- APC
Market Harborough, LE16

I am a mother of two adult daughters. I am a Certified and Accredited International Life Coach. I specialise in Personal Development and Grief Coaching. I am a Certified Grief Educator.
I help individuals who feel stuck in any area of their life. I help clients rebuild, transform and take action to create the life they desire and deserve.

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